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working at google.

By rob_serve ·
if youve read about the lifestyle of working at google, you'll be very impressed or probably just plain jealous of them, with their massage and free dental, not to mention very valuable stock options. Has anybody got a workplace to rival that, or is google to be considered the Holy Grail of career paths. If you want to know what its like , check out "working at Google"

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by Jessie In reply to working at google.

For a short time, about a year and a half, my husband worked for a small computer gaming company as a level designer. The company paid health insurance, including vision and dental 100%. They took all the employees out to see the new sci-fi movies coming out and bought lunch for everybody at least once a week. They also had a game room and showers in their offices so people who were burning the midnight oil could take a break and freshen up.

It was a great place to work... and there are NOT many of them out there. Most of the ones that are like that are tech focused companies where everyone is expected to be creative and work LOTS of hours.

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RIM is like that

by JamesRL In reply to I WISH!!!

I hear stories about Research in Motion where they have big parties, have great benefits, hold social events etc.


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