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Working Full-time Under A Contractor

By CFXavier ·
Since I am a full-time employee I have been told to fill out a dreaded "Annual Performance Review". I have been working under a Project Manager (which is a contractor) for the last year. Working for somebody that has no vested interest in me or my short and long term career goals is frustrating. His goal is to complete the project as fast and efficiently as possible.

Has anyone had a similar experience that they would like to share? If so, did you have the same problems as me?


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So... who's YOUR boss?

by Jessie In reply to Working Full-time Under A ...

For whom are you doing this performance review? Is it for the Project Manager, or do you have a "real" manager lurking somewhere in the shadows?

My last position, I was a full time employee "stationed" on site for another company where they had their own project manager, and my own boss was off-site. When writing my performance review, I was sure to include all the projects I'd helped on... and any training I'd gotten... for my offsite boss who WAS interested in my advancement.

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Full-Time Boss...

by CFXavier In reply to So... who's YOUR boss?

The person I am submitting the performance review to is actually a full-time IT manager that I see very little of. The Project Manager that I speak of is my direct "boss" which is putting his 2 cents in before forwarding it to the IT Manager.

I love how nobody in IT has 1 manager anymore. Especially in large organizations, where 3 levels of bosses is the norm. Sounds like the movie "Office Space"...


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