Working in Iraq

By Danielrodriguez37 ·
Can anyone tell me what it was like working in Iraq? what should I expect working on a US Army base?

I will be deploying at the end of Nov. as a consultant/contractor doing I.T. support, network administration, etc...
Any info will be appreciated.

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You certainly won't be short of . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Working in Iraq

McDonalds & Burger King!

Both will be there waiting for you.

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Never went but...

by retro77 In reply to Working in Iraq

I never got to deploy to Iraq, but from watching the Military channel and first hand accounts from buddies, it sucked.

Sand, Sun, IEDs, morters and snipers. Some more info in IEDs:

It is a war going on and treat everyday over there preciously.

edit: I know you'll be on an Army base, so you should have more creature comforts than the Marines. Be thankful for that too.

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2nd hand

by paulkoppen In reply to Working in Iraq

Two people I worked with at my last job had been in Iraq.

One was in the Marines, was a Sergeant doing IT at the Platoon level before they outsourced it. He spent months in a tent with a solar AC unit to keep the equipment from burning up, constantly digging trenches to bury fiber so the weight of tanks wouldn't fracture it, wiping/rebuilding old equipment to keep it working. He was in combat a few times but not often, was never in a "safe" place, a few of his friends were killed during his tour.

The other was in IT in the Airforce and never left the Green Zone. She had a great time, went to dance clubs at night, ate at restaurants, often heard shelling but only had one occurance where it was close enough to be concerning. One friend of hers got a piece of shrapnel in the butt, other than that she didn't know anyone that was hurt.

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Good luck dude

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Working in Iraq

I hope the money is worth the risk of losing an arm, leg or life.

If it works for you then best of luck!!

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Been there done that got the tee

by M.A.S. Matrix In reply to Working in Iraq

I was deployed there for over a year. Take lots of canned air, it's not the sand you have to worry about it's the dust. Everything is so dry and hot and windy at times. Dust everywhere and in everything. If you are going to Balad you will have it made. Trailers with AC/Heat, running water and showers in some. They have a movie theater, pools, food courts, and much more. Base is VERY well protected, trust me, I was part of the base security.

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