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Working in Ireland.


I am an EU citizen living in the US. For a while i have been thinking on moving back to the EU, in particular to Ireland (I am from Spain).
I have had a couple of recruiters contacting me already, once to offer me a possible Senior LAN administrator position, the other to tell me i was to senior to take a position with them.

Here go my questions.
Is 40k euros a fair salary for a Senior LAN position?
Will I be able to live with that money? Rent apartment, etc
Does anyone know which neighborhoods of Ireland are good/safe/nice
How friendly are the people with foreigners, etc
My wife is from the US and she has spent time in both, Spain and Ireland and she said to me that both cultures are similar and friendly with people.

Thanks everyone, I will rally appreciate any feed backs, especially from people from Ireland.

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by Shellbot In reply to Working in Ireland.

I'm from Dublin..i'll try and answer best i can:

1. 40K well, yes, I guess thats a fair salary. All depends on you qualifications and experience. I mean, if you've got 20 years experience, then maybe not?

2. 40K is a good wage, of course you will live on it, depends on your lifestyle and what you want to do. Will your wife be working? Tax rate is 42% for those wages.

3. Ireland is big enough place sweety, by neighbourhoods do you mean towns? Where is the job, Dublin? There are several good and bad spots in Dublin, but having said that it all depends where you will be working and what type of place you are looking for. These days there is a huge property boom and even bad areas command high rents/ sale prices.

4. Dublin is big and busy, not as friendly as it once was, but thats life. You'll be ok being a forenier. As a canadian i make out allright.

If your wife will not be working, you aren't going to live lavishly on 40K, but you'll be ok. Dublin is very expensive. Most of us move out to the suburbs and commute in. Rents, pubs, restaraunts cheaper out of town.
Rent for 1 bed apt in Dublin, close to city centre, will cost you about 1000-1200 per month. Out where i live you will rent a 3 bed house for the same. Or a one bed apt for about 800. All depends how precious you are about living "on the right street"

Feel free to email me Rez, you can ask more specifics. As well, if you tell me where and who this job is with i can maybe give you some more specific info.

Its a great place to live..i'll give it that :)

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Thanks, i will send you an email

by REZUMA In reply to Ireland

Thank you very much for the info,I will email you directly.


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