Working of Ram

By sumanpasumarthi ·
I want to Know the working of a ram

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There's this amazing search engine, it's called Google

by robo_dev In reply to Working of Ram
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by cmiller5400 In reply to There's this amazing sear ...

You stole my response. :)

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Well it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it....

by robo_dev In reply to Hahahahaha
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ewe will find out all about RAM here

by jdclyde In reply to Working of Ram


Things like uses of, and the performance of your RAM are here.

You are able to compare performances here, and even has an easy way to upgrade your RAM if needed.

Good luck.


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I was wondering who would be first :-) :0 ;-) <NT>

by IC-IT In reply to ewe will find out all abo ...
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SOMEONE had to help the poor guy out

by jdclyde In reply to I was wondering who would ...

If these other guys weren't going to help him, I figured that I could!


He WILL find out everything he asked for.

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I am afraid to click on that link as it will be logged/blocked by WebSense

by robo_dev In reply to ewe will find out all abo ...

aww what the heck...(click)

That's rich.....reminds me of the Woody Allen Movie with Gene Wilder drinking the Woolite.

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I recognize that URL you old Sheep Shaggier JD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ewe will find out all abo ...

Which one do you want?


1 on 1

Discreet Sheep

Multiple Sheep

The Entire Flock

Shaved Sheep

Black Sheep


Transgender Sheep

Sheep Fetishes

Looks like a new Study for me. :^0

Col ]:)

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How RAM works:

by Dr Dij In reply to Working of Ram

the Ram is a very complicated biological computer. THey are self-reproducing, and often engage in battles with their big curly horns. They eat grass for energy and poop out what is left.

They are sometimes food for mountain lions. They are driven by needs to eat, and find cute fuzzy females once a year. (not as much fun as being a person)

Of course, you are not refering to the animal RAM are you? the RAM GOD?

I am of thinking you are refering to my RAM VAN! This works with a big-honking engine, I wish was smaller to save gas. BUt I carry lots of stuff to gardens, on camping trips.

It works on the internal combustion principle. Feed ti gas and out comes energy of motion and exhaust gases. Yo also need to feed it lots of money for maintenance, and have a stable for it (parking spot). It has a large RAM chip on the front hood with a picture of the Ram God. (If you can't Dodge 'em, RAM them!)

goto dodge.com for more info or visit yoru local dodge dealer. As an alternative, since I don't think they are available in india, you can visit your local Tata motors dealer for their mini-car.

It will make you completely happy, esp. when you and the missus are curled up in the back!

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