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Working on Personal Holidays

By Too Old For IT ·
I found myself working late last night on our anniversary, and was wondering how many others found themselves in similar situations.

Have you found yourself on call, in the office, pulling an overnighter on your anniversary, birthday, parents funeral, whatever?

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by jck In reply to Working on Personal Holid ...

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Years, birthday (have worked them all since I was 23, unless on a weekend), etc.

It's typical. It's normal. Welcome to America.

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"Personal" is your problem not the employer's

by fungus-among-us In reply to Yes

I've worked several "personal" holidays before, but that was my own fault, for not requesting the time off. My current supervisor is pretty good at remembering dates of a personal nature, and will often ask if I need certain dates off before I even ask for them.

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well, at least that isn't a problem now

by jdclyde In reply to Yes

working government work like you do either gets you off or double time. most places dont' want to pay double time for some reason?

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double time????

by jck In reply to well, at least that isn't ...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! To quote a Chinese stereotype:


Right...oh yeah...think I'd be selling my house if I got time-and-a-half for overtime, let alone double time?

Only double time I get is when I'm told to speed up things when I'm working.

I got comp time given to me *once* at this job in almost 2 years now after I worked 47.5 hours in 4 days...yes...almost 12 hours per 30 mins each way driving.

Maybe I need to come work for the state of Michigan, if they get double time for hours over 8 per day!

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I thought we

by jdclyde In reply to double time????

were talking about holiday time for double time, not overtime.

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I've never seen that

by jck In reply to I thought we

in government...

Only time I saw double time was the IBEW guys at the power company getting it for working "official holidays".

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by JamesRL In reply to Working on Personal Holid ...

Have I ever worked on vacation - I have called into a teleconference or checked my voicemails. But I avoid it at all costs. Some things I delegate up to my boss, some things I delegate down to my staff. The week before vacation is often the busiest all year as I clear my desk.

Did you explain the sitauation to your boss? I would be horrified to make you work when something like that was on. I would have looked for creative ways to deal with it.

I try to get my staff able to understand some of each others knowledge domaines to the extent of being able to cover for each other. One of my staff was away for three weeks this summer, and I took over most of his projects. I did call him once for a piece of information. For the rest, I just managed and coped my way through it.

I attend the funerals of my staff's loved ones(family). So I wouldn't dare call them. I wouldn't ask them to carry a phone or a pager. That would the height of crassness.

If I may be so bold, if your manager doesn't see that dependancy on one individual is a bit of a problem, then he/she is a poor manager.

I did work on a high profile project about 10 years ago. We were all on pager duty for a year. We had a problem on Christmas day and one of the individuals was called on Christmas morning. He didn't have kids but had taken time off to get away with his girlfriend, who threatened to break up with him if they didn't spend some quality time together. He didn't leave a forwarding number and his cell was off. The senior manager called all the hotels in the city he was staying at to find him. Needless to say, the risks to the project were high if he did contact him (lose a valuable resource) and high if he didn't (customer lost connectivity in a 24/7 business).

If I found myself with two days to go before a deadline and a vacation day coming up, and I knew I couldn't make it, I'd talk to my boss about it. Some deadlines are more important than others.


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In this case

by Too Old For IT In reply to Guilty

I own a piece of the action, and it was easier for me to just do it. ("It" being find the dead port on a switch still under warranty.)

The last time this happend, an OCD business owner made me miss my 20th Anniversary High School Reunion, because we just HAD to have everyone in to move .. rather than hire Two Men and a Truck to do it. We parted ways 6 months later.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Working on Personal Holid ...

I have worked on weekends, company holidays, and personal days before. It depends on your responsibilities and position in the company. But it is not only IT that does, I know many who do also.
It also depends on the size of the company and if there are overlapping duties/responsibilities.
My worst experience was when I had an infected bite on my leg. I couldnt walk hardly at all and even then it was painful. The doc told me to stay home for 1-1/2 weeks.
I ended up doing about 2 hours a day online through vpn to work on things, check email, and netmeetings to fix problems.

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By my choice

by jdclyde In reply to Working on Personal Holid ...

One year I "had" to go into work for the end of year roll-over of accounts. Why didn't I just do this via VPN like usual? The EX wanted to drive through the snow belt, (3 hours worth each way in good conditions) to have Christmas with her b1tch of a sister. (the one that I mentioned yesterday that thinks Christmas is placing an order for what you want.).

Sorry baby, I can't go with you because I have to work! Wish them a Merry Christmas for me though!

The EX ended up not going, and I ended up "being able to get the VPN fixed" so I could do my work from home.

At least I didn't have to actually go in, and it only takes about 10 minutes! B-)

Before that as a shop rat? Never.

Before that working in a gas station? Holidays off was rotated among the employees. That was many moons ago, and always had snowbunnies come into the back room to help me get over working..... :0 ]:)

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