Working PC now not working...because of RAM re-installation?

By dansut9038 ·
I could go through the backstory of this problem, but time is of the essence here. Basically, after I replaced the RAM, the PC will boot, but it will not display on the monitor. I hear everything working: the lights and fans come on, the hard drive spins, and the NIC indicates an active link. However, the monitor shows that it is still without a signal from the PC. From my deduction, I think the problem lies in the onboard video. All I did was take the RAM out and then put it back in. Could that really be the cause? I need an answer by tomorrow morning.

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Common failure

by mjd420nova In reply to Working PC now not workin ...

Often the removal and reinstallation of RAM can cause a fracture of the plastic frames around the memory socket that does not allow the memory card to remain seated properly. Loose connections will stop the system from counting or even seeing any memory present. This should be evident by a couple BEEPS.

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Now what?

by dansut9038 In reply to Common failure

So if this is the cause, what do you suggest I do?

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Can you get into Bios?

by Kenone In reply to Working PC now not workin ...

Is onboard video disabled?
is there an add in video card?

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When I say nothing, mean NOTHING!!

by dansut9038 In reply to Can you get into Bios?

I can't tell what's going on. Regardless of any monitor I connect, it stays black even when the power's on. I could probably access the BIOS, but I couldn't navigate it because I can't see anything!

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