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    Working together and sharing information


    by zbrain75 ·

    Where I work, I have no one that I can work with to learn web, networking, and programming technologies. I have no one that I can “bounce” ideas off of and get frank answers and feedback. I have found this to be a great handicap in trying to keep up with changing technology.

    In recent years as quality of documentation of newer technologies has diminished, I have tried to document what I have learned and make it readily available not only to myself, but to others at
    I have tried to get former work collegues involved to help this effort (both the learning and documentation process). However they are too busy, commuting too far, busy with family, other activities, etc.

    I am interested in working with any interested parties over the internet who are willing to participate in all or part of the process.

    Feel free to respond here or send an email.

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      Information Sharing

      by mkern ·

      In reply to Working together and sharing information

      We all have periods of frustration like this.
      I work in a 60 person office as IS Director and share your frustration. I, however have been doing this for 18years and pretty much know where to get the info.

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