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working w\ different digital image types

By Lizzy ·
Hello all!

I would like some sites for information on the different types of digital images and how to work with them.

What is the best format for images you want to upload to the web?

How do you convert images that are large JPG images to something easily posted on the web or sent via email?

Are there any freeware programs that are available for doing this?

Digital photography tutorials would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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by Lizzy In reply to

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Thanks Doug!

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by Lizzy In reply to working w\ different digi ...

Thanks, Doug! I won't rate your answer yet so I don't have to close this out just yet. I could not get the 1st and 3rd tiny url links to work. I get the HTTP 400 error when pasting them into the address bar. Can you check them for me please?
thanks again!

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by TheChas In reply to working w\ different digi ...


I will check out and verify some of my resources and get back to you on tutorials and free-ware.

As to Doug's Tiny URLs, if you look closely, the 1st and 3rd have an added space in them.

Remove the extra space and you should get connected to the site.

Since the site upgrade last year, TR has been adding random spaces to the forum postings.

I'm pretty sure that Paint Shop Pro from JASC will do all that you need.

I use 3 different imaging suites:
Adobe Photoshop Elements
U-Lead Photo Impact
Arcsoft Image Suite.

All of them allow you to resize and convert images to different formats.

I recommend that you only use JPEGs once you are finished with all editing.
Each time you save an edited image as a JPEG, you loose some image data.

Once you have the image cropped and edited as you desire, you can then resize it for both physical size and pixel count (dots per inch).
When you save "as" a JPEG with most software packages, you have the option to choose the compression factor.
For web posting, go ahead and compress the image as far as the software allows.
For your archive, use the least amount of compression. Or, save the image as a TIFF.


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by TheChas In reply to

Sorry it's taking me so long to get back to you.
Been busy.

Check out this site:

All the tips on image size and optimization for scanning still apply to most digital image work.

I should have more time Friday to add a few more links. Including free-ware.


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by Lizzy In reply to

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Chas-thank you so much for all of this information! I had better get to work on this! :-)

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by Lizzy In reply to working w\ different digi ...

Thanks, Chas. I did get Dougs links to work later--I missed those darn spaces! Your site is very good too. I will leave this open just a little longer to see if I get any more resources to study. I appreciate your help!

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by Lizzy In reply to working w\ different digi ...

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