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Working with 2 differents ISP and only 1 IP.

By noriegaf ·
Hi everyone, Im having a big issue and I need your expert advice.

Its possible to have two differents computers using two differents ISP with the same IP??.

One computer with one ISP will be online at all the times, but if for some reason the ISP 1 goes down or the PC 1 goes down, I will need to use the backup PC or the backup ISP.

Doing that will change my IP, in my business I have some devices that collect information and send that info to my IP, but if the IP is change the devices that send the data to that specific IP wont work, I mean I wont be able to collect that data because are send to the IP which is down, so:

How I can configure 2 pc's connected to two differents ISP with the same IP??, can I purchase or lease an IP address??

Thanks for all the information you can share.


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My initail response is no

by Dumphrey In reply to Working with 2 differents ...

since ip addresses are assigned ip ISP's. And most will not want to provide access for an ip that is not one of theirs. What you can do is use two ip addresses (from 2 vendors)and a load balance/fail over router (pfSense for example) and to configure your DNS settings to point to both ip addresses in a round robbin or weighted selection...

Google "fail over" and "load balancing ip" traffic. There are ways to do this that are affordable.

note: From my research, fail over is easier to set up but load balancing makes better regular use of your resources.

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by noriegaf In reply to My initail response is no

thanks for the answer!

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