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    Working with a new client


    by contact ·

    Hi recently I’ve taken on a new client who has a W2K3 – W2K AD network…

    The current infrastructure is a real mess! and there is no info on how the servers etc are configured.

    Any suggestions on analysis tools to check and compile a full detailed report of the network servers/domain structure/computers that will highlight critical issues?
    I’ve already started with Microsoft’s best practices analysers, but I’m guessing that a complete scan of everything IT related in this network would reveal some urgent issues…

    Just wondering what others might use when taking on/working with a ‘new’ medium sized client..


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      Try this

      by ajaxnii ·

      In reply to Working with a new client

      I would try using spice works. it will do a full inventory of the network there to include updates, patches, viruses defs., and anything else you may be missing. Will inventory every piece of equipment that is on the net that it can touch to include routers, hubs, switches and phones.

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        by ajaxnii ·

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        Was this helpful???? Do you still have an issue?

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          I dont know about the OP

          by xnavydk ·

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          but I’m sure giving it a try.

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