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    Working with the System.Convert class


    by maryweilage ·

    This week’s .NET e-newsletter focuses on the System.Convert class, which facilitates the conversion of one base type to another. Will you consider using the System.Convert class the next time you have to convert one base type to another? If you’ve used the System.Convert class, how has it proved to be beneficial to your development efforts? Share your thoughts on the System.Convert class.

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      Object.Parse methods

      by whoiskevin ·

      In reply to Working with the System.Convert class

      I didn’t see mention of the Parse methods of the various objects. The Convert class is not really an object solution to the problem of converting a type and is really just equivalent to the parse methods available for each class.

      For syntax and design reasons I prefer the Parse methods available on each class

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        by aspatton ·

        In reply to Object.Parse methods

        The .NET environment provides various ways to solve programming problems, so thanks for pointing out the parse method.

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