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    Workmans Version of Norton?


    by tech2003 ·

    I was hoping someone could tell me if there is a workmans version of Norton (or any other anti-virus program) that scans for viruses not found by the other versions.


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      Diagnostic & antiviral

      by milstar ·

      In reply to Workmans Version of Norton?

      Well, pending on the systems you do work on. If it is systems under Windows 95 or 98 then Norton had a dos type menu structure bootable disk to work from. Anti-virus programs are generally free for dos based enviroments also see F protect. The upper systems those with true 32 bit system or NTFS may require an array of different approaches to solve simple problems. As a rule, I keep boot software for all OS’s that I work on, on-hand. On the software boot disk you need registry editor, text editor and generic drivers for cd-rom ect. Not many system error’s exist that can’t be fixed, if not a hardware malfunction.

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