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Workplace Apathy

By ajnevman ·
I work for a Large Co and relatively new about a year. The team at my local site are very apathetic towards the day to day rigors of IT.
They manifest this attitude with poor customer service skills, always complaining about the customer, not following up, trying to one up each other behind the others back all the while smiling in your face, and not very technical, the problem I find is that I rarely have anyone to fallback on technicaly.
I have found myself adopting some of these very attitudes which goes against my core work ethic.
So with that encapsulated, what is your experience on working with apathetic team meates ?

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Move on

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Workplace Apathy

Update your resume and look elsewhere. If an interviewer asks why you're leaving your present position after a relatively short time, tell them just what you posted here: the team you're currently with doesn't care about customer service.

This is a management issue, and until the team leader, supervisor, or manager AND his or her boss gives a @#!$, your co-workers won't either.

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by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Workplace Apathy

Is as close to an emotional communicable disease as there is. I've worked in environments where apathy was beginning to spread (mostly due to economic factors/layoffs), and I got out while the getting was good each time, thankfully.

The problem with apathy is that once you begin acting apathetic at work, it is easy for that state of being to saturate your other life areas; as a result, not only will your work performance suffer, so may your home life, personal interactions, etc.

If management at your firm has made clear that this is acceptable (not doing anything about it implies that it is ok), that is an indicator that the firm doesn't really care about the employees. Should be a hint to move on while you still have a personality that can land you another job (the longer you're in a morose environment, the harder that will become).

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In your case move on

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Workplace Apathy

If you had more years under your belt, you could try to drive change, but you have enough on your plate as this stage of your career.

In my experience apathetic employees are created. Generally you'll find they came in all bright eyed and bushy tailed like yourself. A few years of SSDD, engndered by the business, the eye's dim, tail get's bedraggled, and they didn't leave.

To win this battle, you'd have to keep up with your career, en-liven your more experinced and cynical colleagues and fight city hall. They didn't get that way by accident.
The management at your place is failing badly, walking in and trying to tell them how to do their job right, will just p1ss them off.

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by brenda60 In reply to Workplace Apathy

I could not do it any longer. Thats why I work for myself and own my own company in New York. Can't blame no one but yourself if you put up with it. Sorry

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