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Workplace Rumors. What to do?

By James Schroer ·
Myself and another tech are hearing rumors about us in the workplace. We've heard them from more than one relaible source. People say our manager is telling them that he/she came up to them and told us (the techs) certain things BUT he/she never told us (the techs) these things. For example he/she told someone that he/she told us that "I am the manager and what ever I says goes, no exceptions. And that you two have real attitude problems and it going to stop NOW!" When in fact she never said such things to us. What are we to do. It's making for a real uncomfortable work enviroment. We've talked to his/her boss and HR but nothing is being done. Do you think we have an case against him/her? Thoughts suggestions??

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My advice

by Choppit In reply to Workplace Rumors. What t ...

In my experience it's best to ignore rumours, they're almost always created by a negative individual. If you really need to know if they're true then ask the person concerned. Be honest and upfront, but never confrontational. If the rumour is true then ask the individual what can be done to change their view, also ask why they didn't feel they could talk to you about this. If the rumours arent true, then you'll know exactly how reliable your sources are.

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Have some guts.

by FrankTech In reply to My advice

Oh, how clever to sweep things under the carpet, because the pile will get bigger.
Confront this Manager head on and you will get the respect you deserve. Let him know you are not an easy target and you should look at joining a union.
If none of this works, get revenge, start your own rumour about the manager.

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Your in a lose - lose sit-u

by JimHM In reply to Workplace Rumors. What t ...

Sounds like you two are in a lose - lose situation - So my suggestion, sit down with your manager - quote specifics of what was told to you (no names) - and ask if it is true. If he/she did say that - ask he/she why - what are you and the other techie doing wrong ...

Let him/her know that if she is spreading rumors you have been documenting them - and that if they don't stop you will take action through your lawyer and the court system - for slander! - Along with money from them and the company...

This should shut their mouths quickly - :)

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