Workstation can't browse AD

By vanvooren ·
I have a problem whereby workstations can't see the domain controller/active directory to do such things as grant specific permissions on the workstation to the network user. All the workstation can see is itself. The environment is a Win 2k3 server, Win XP clients. I suspect either a GP item which hides it by default, possible publishing issue or a registry setting that was previously set. Please help... TIA

Update: Problem solved. Workstation was not looking at right DNS server. Previous DNS server had crashed hard, and I had reset the IP configuration to simply pull from my ISP while I rebuilt the environment. Forgot to reset it back to look at the right server in the end. Duh, I hate it when the solution was that obvious, and I didn't see it before I posted a question.

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Workstations can't grant permissions.

by CG IT In reply to Workstation can't browse ...

workstations don't grant computer rights for itself. The domain security policy, along with group policy as well as security group user rights and permissions controls all computer and user abilities in a domain environment. Those are granted by the domain administrator which has complete access to the domain. Domain users have limited rights access.

As far as browsing AD, the workstation has to be a member of the domain AND objects have to be published in AD for them to be searchable.

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by vanvooren In reply to Workstations can't grant ...

Thanks for a reply. The problem was that the workstation that had been added to the domain, and was logged in as the domain admin still could not see the active directory to grant permissions to a network user to access local files. Specifically, I did some work, and re-grant rights for the a user to their documents and settings folders. But, the network user could login and see the network shares, so I knew they were "in the domain". I traced it down when I noted group policy was also not applying, and took a "let's start at the beginning and check everything" approach. Server does DNS, gateway router does DHCP, and the local settings were trying to update DNS to the router instead of the server. Once pointed at the right resource as a DNS server, all was well. But again, thanks for your reply, and I hope this post helps somebody else who is having a momentary brain fart.

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