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Workstation needs upgrade

By andreabutler ·
40 of our Workstation at school are still in an old Win3.11 operating System. They need to upgrade atleast in Win98 OS.

Is anyone please help, how to upgrade Win3.11 workstation or Win95 to Win98 connecting Netware5 Server.

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Workstation needs upgrade

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Workstation needs upgrade

(Computers that old may need other upgrades besides the Operating System. You may need to upgrade RAM, HDD (to meet the minimum system requirements for the Operating System) and some of your applications.) You can upgrade these systems to either Win95 or Win98, but you may have fewer down the road problems if you rebuild them from scratch. Assuming the equipment is all identical, I would first identify the components and the manufacturers and visit their web sites to locate any drivers that maybe needed including the system BIOS. Then I would take one system flash the BIOS and format the drive and install Win95 or Win98. Boot up the system and install any drivers you downloaded that are more current that what is already installed. At thispoint if all is working, I would use a utility like Ghost or Drive Image to generate an image of this system and burn this to a CDRom as a backup. I would then install the networking components and any common applications. I am assuming that you have licenses for the software. At this point, if all is working, if all is working, I would once again generate an image of the system and store it on the server. I would flash the BIOS of the other 39 systems. Lastly I would make a boot disk with the networking components and use this image on the server to upgrade another computer and test it. If this functions correctly, I would reimage the other 38 systems. I know this is fairly simplistic, but I hope this helps.

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Workstation needs upgrade

by JAng In reply to Workstation needs upgrade


It all depends on how old your Win3.11 workstations are. If they 're the 386/486-class types, IMHO, just forget abt upgrading these workstations becoz there's a very high chance of many hardware compatibility issues. As h/w prices are gettinglower by the day, u might find that the costs of upgrading to newer h/w 'll be much cost-effective then upgrading the old w/s from Win3.11 to Win98. You can talk to your local Compaq sales office or AUTHORISED reseller to see if they can offer a trade-in package for your old workstations....

Of course, this doesn't include the costs of migrating the applications and user data over to the new sys/OS. Talking abt s/w, u must excerise cautions as some legacy win3.11 s/w may not be compatible w/Win98.....

Just my 2 cents' worth....

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