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    Workstation slow access to mapped drive?


    by sisadmin@pfds ·

    SBS 2007 server, about 20 XP workstations all in domain.

    I have this one user whose access to one particular mapped drive is excruciatingly slow. It is slow in listing the content of the mapped drive, but opening files within the drive, once the content has been listed, is fast. All other mapped drives are fine, and no one else on the network has this problem. The problem has been ongoing for about a month now.

    Checked permissions and files attributes, etc, on the server and they are correct. Also did this: and the problem remains. Disconnected and reconnected the mapped drive and speed is about the same.

    This is really bugging me because I’ve tried different things that I can think of as potential cause, and none of them fix the problem. Any suggestion?


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      by sisadmin@pfds ·

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      Have you tried using a different User Account

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Workstation slow access to mapped drive?

      On the computer that connects slowly?

      It sounds as if you have ruled out Server Side problems so start looking at Workstation Side issues.

      You could try a different User Account on that Work Station and see if it’s still slow or maybe plug in another computer and try to log onto the Server/Mapped Drive with that.

      if it works properly you have a Software issue on the workstation. 😉


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