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workstation vs laptop vs PC tablet

By dhaines ·
I've had a dual pentium processor NT box for the past six years and upgraded to Win2000 about 16 months ago. The computer is exclusively used as a graphics workstation. I thought the budget would only allow upgrades for next year but have been told to go ahead and get the specs in order.

My question, when doing high end graphics, illustrations do you feel that the laptops have come up to comparable standards as the stand alone workstation. One thought is to spec a laptop with docking station, the other is use a workstation and consider down the road a PC tablet to take with me for sketching capabilities. Both the laptop and workstation sans the PC tablet that I have speced out are similar in price but I would like to know that I'm not giving up speed and processing power in exchange for mobility.
Softwares that I run are all Adobe products, Macromedia products (Director, Flash). Other products include Deltagraph, Sigmaplot and other types of graph packaging. Any thoughts on minimum and maximum specs for this equipment would be helpful.

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workstation vs laptop vs PC tablet

by opatzg In reply to workstation vs laptop vs ...

When talking speeds/upgradability and graphic environments, your only choice is the worksation.
tablets/laptops(tablet with keyboard) will have slower graphics and no economical way to improve them. Hard disks in workstations are faster, processors stay cooler due to the air you can move around in the case, video cards can be upgraded to bigger/ better/ faster, front side bus rates would be faster on the workstation as well. The monitor will also make a difference in that CRT vs flat panels are faster, and cheaper for the size of screen, and can show finer detail.
Min sandards for a graphical pc should be 2.4ghrz p4, 1 gig of ram, fast 133 80gig or larger hard drive price versus space is the only question there and a 128 meg video cardwould be a nice accessory ati or nvidia based. Good shopping!

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by wlbowers In reply to workstation vs laptop vs ...

You will not be happy with the laptop as a main system.

I run most of the programs along with Autocad, Dreamweaver, ect.

Workstation class systems have dropped in price like all computer systems.

Systems like:
Boxxtech: http://www.boxxtech.com/swf/index.asp
HP xw4100
Dell Precision 360 and 450 workstations.

Graphics cards like the
NVIDIA Quadro FX from PNY
Quadro4 980 XGL from PNY

Try this site for reviews on hardware for workstations.


The laptop is good for portable but it's lame along side what you can put together in a desktop.

Good Luck Lee

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