Workstations disconnecting from server

By edgeymaster ·
This just started to happen about a week ago. We have 6 workstations running Win 7 on Dell OptiPlex 908 and a Dell Power Server running win 2008 server R2 Standard. The workstations are disconnecting from the server at various times. Sometimes you can click refresh and its reconnected but other time you have to reboot. Checked the cable with cable tester and all seems fine there. Check the NIC cards with numerous tests and they seem fine. I checked the server but there is nothing in the logs about clients disconnecting. Nothing that I see changed in a week. Really not sure how to proceed to correct this problem.

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Have the workstations anything in their logs?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Workstations disconnectin ...

That would be my next step in looking but you also need to look at the Network Infrastructure to make sure that there isn't a problem there. Things like Switches could be failing or improperly programed.


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New Switches and router

by edgeymaster In reply to Have the workstations any ...

I looked in the workstation logs and saw nothing about disconnecting.We just installed a new router and two switches about two months ago. I checked the settings and all seems to be ok. I didn't see any changes on them. I don't have the switches jumped between them. They are both connected to the router. I did this in case a switch goes bad, that way half the network still works. .

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