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World of Warcraft-----At school/Firewalling

By rudydube ·
Hi i go to a school in england and i was up until around 2 weeks ago playing world of warcraft through an http tunnel and socks server it was really laggy but it was woth it. Anyhow the school blocks certain websites and uses the bess system they also however block almost every single port exept for 8888. Suddenely about 2 -3 weeks ago WoW stopped working and the tunnel wouldn't connect, they had blocked and while i didn't get in trouble or anything i was just wondering if there was a way around this by using telnet for example. Thanks in advance and please no smart answers like "You shouldn't be playing WoW if the school dont want you too" etc.

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What port does the tunnel work on?

by jmgarvin In reply to World of Warcraft-----At ...

If the only port that is open is 8888 then tunnel through that port?

Oh and you shouldn't be playing WoW at school.

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What you have to understand..

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to World of Warcraft-----At ...

Is that TR is a site for IT professionals dealing with legitimate IT issues. This is not a Hacker site and under no circumstances will people help you circumnet the security policies of your School or organization. Not only do most of us activly dislike these attempts at circumventing netowkr policies (since we're usually the people in charge of enforcing them) but for us to tell you how could potentially open us up to icky liability issues. So while I feel bad that you can't play yuour favorite game all I can say is that you do not have the right to use your schools network and bandwidth for anything other than what the school allows and learn to deal with it.

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i will help

by cm_szasz In reply to World of Warcraft-----At ...

try these sites it might beat bess and that is what i have been looking for also i have bess and have beat it many times

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Shut up

by Karmakey0318 In reply to World of Warcraft-----At ...

Dude no goes to school to ******* play wow. people go to school to learn leave and go home. not to play video games all day. if ur trying to play wow at school then ur a tool that has no life. have a good day sir

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Dude, it's a three year old post

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Shut up

I think he shut up years ago; consider him a role model.

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Probably left school by now

by Bizzo In reply to Dude, it's a three year o ...

Do you think he flunked?

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Maybe he went to Hogwarts...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Shut up

...and was learning how to re-animate a ZOMBIE!!

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Use super network tunnel

by sessw In reply to World of Warcraft-----At ...

use professional http tunnel server software, get it from

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There's not a number

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Use super network tunnel

big enough for the number of Spam points I collect from you.

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