World of Warcraft overheating shutdown after 20mins on Surface Book i7

By andy..wagner ·
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I purchased a Microsoft - Surface Book 13.5" Touch Screen with Performance Base - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - 512GB Solid State Hard Drive in January 2017. A few months later, after playing World of Warcraft for 20-30mins the laptop just stops (doesn't shutdown, just goes black), screen goes black and if I don't wait long enough, I get a white thermometer icon when trying to start the laptop again. After waiting long enough, I can hit the laptop start button, login, and WoW will still be running (although by that point I've been disconnected from their server).

My WoW settings are VERY low (1440x900 res), no heavy particle or shading effects, anti-alias & filters low or off, and this can happen while just running around in game - not even dungeons or raiding.

I don't recall this happening when I first got this laptop, so there may have been an update from Windows or WoW that changed something, or, something has happened with the fans/cooling system. I've searched but not found anybody reporting overheating issues with WoW on the Surface Book. I've created a Power Plan to reduce processor power and that's done nothing. I don't hear the fans "kicking in" at any point (but then I've read many posts saying how quiet the fans are on this laptop so maybe they are).

I don't expect an immersive gaming experience, but I would expect this laptop should be able to run WoW in lowest settings mode.

I'd love to hear if anybody else is experiencing overheating with WoW and/or if anybody has any suggestions for how to solve or at least diagnose this issue!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm having the same issue!

by juancabaquero In reply to World of Warcraft overhea ...

I just started experiencing the exact same problem when running Adobe Premiere Pro. Just wondering if you've found a solution for this problem...

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Still no fix...

by andy..wagner In reply to I'm having the same issue ...

Unfortunately, I continue to have the same problem and haven't found a fix. i'm beginning to wonder if my Surface Book has a hardware issue with the fans or something. Have been dragging my feet to get it looked at as it's my main work laptop and I'd need to leave it with tech support for a few days. Sigh...

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