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World Trade Center

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and the other Deaths in the air and on ground are extremely sobering. IT problems are nothing compared with the loss of life, family and friends.


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by Packratt In reply to World Trade Center

I am sure that all of our hearts are heavy today with the horror that we have seen and heard. Our thoughts and feelings go out to the people who have lost their lives and to the people who have lost loved ones.

It is a sad day for us all.

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IT Response

by generalist In reply to World Trade Center

I suspect that this may cause a lot of predatory responses in the IT world, especially if hackers get any hint of the source of said attacks. I just hope that those responses gut the financial backing of the organization without making martyrs of them.

It won't help the dead and injured though.

It is all very, very sad.

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Devastating News

by PMercer In reply to World Trade Center

We mourn the deaths and pray for the injured, and the family/friends of those taken in this brutal act.

God Bless.

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Totally Cowardly and Sick

by TomSal In reply to World Trade Center

That's all I feel in my shock, how cowardly and sickening it all is. I was in our bi-weekly managment meeting when our CEO comes in and tells us what happened, all the managers and execs looked dumbfounded right in the middle of a discussion on current business operations.

I included to things in my blessings at lunch today - One that God be with those who mourn the lost of loved ones today and be with those that are injured, my second prayer is that the group responsible for this feels the full wraith of justice delivered with brutal efficiency and unbelievable force.

I'm a God fearing man, but the lines have been drawn...the last straw has been broke.

PS. Did you hear how they Palestinians (sp?) are celebrating the attacks?

This outrages me.

Sorry for my rant.

Take care.

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Palestinians are cowards - as anyone tha

by JimHM In reply to Totally Cowardly and Sick

Palestinians are cowards as is any person or group that attacks the innosense. If they are trutly believe in a Higher power - Ala - what kind of being his it - that supports and demands these actions.. You mean to tell me that back when the Koran was written it describe - terrorism - it discussed - mass killings - if so - then I think the rest of the world has found its target...

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bin Laden is not a Palestinian

by David Tillotson In reply to Palestinians are cowards ...

> Palestinians are cowards as is any person
> or group that attacks the innosense

bin Laden is not a Palestinian, he is an Afghan who was trained by the CIA when he fought against the Russians.

Sure some Palestinians (a minority according to reporters with more interest in facts than propaganda) are celebrating. Every year they lose more civilians than were killed at the WTC and the Pentagon combined to shelling by Israel, a country they see as an American ally.

If a US serviceman bravely presses a button on a nice safe aircraft carrier tomorrow, and flattens a Palestinian village then I'm sure you'll celebrate too and never see your own hypocrisy.

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Palestinian Plague

by Richard Noel In reply to bin Laden is not a Palest ...

It is a fact that Palestinian's celebrated the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001. They were overjoyed because they feel that this horrendous act somehow furthers their cause.

I would challenge David Tillotson to prove to all of us that over 20,000 Palestinian's die every year by the hands of Israel's army.

Where are you getting those figures David?

I am appalled that David would try to justify celebrating this act of terror.

Any people that rejoice over the carnage that took place in New York should not be allowed to be part of civilized society

I feel that if they believe what happend furthers their cause, then their cause must be stopped at all costs.

There can be no justification for what tookplace.

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by ckeenan In reply to Palestinian Plague

right on. by the way, are you shiek david?

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I'm neither Moslem nor Arabic

by David Tillotson In reply to

I'm an Australian citizen of British descent, both countries that have fought alongside the US in the past and will no doubt do so again when the US retribution occurs. I personally will support that, but I won't support random slaughter of civilians, whether they be American, Palestinian or of any other lineage.

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I'm with you...

by Kima In reply to I'm neither Moslem nor Ar ...

I'm on the other hand Muslim but not Arab, the true ISLAM condems this type of Act. Unfortunatedly there are extremist in all religions but doesn't mean they abide by the rules, they mis-understand the message.

My heart and that of every real muslim goes out for the families & love ones that loss friends in this tragedy.

This is not the time for hatred against anybody, it is the time to unite as one and help each other. The World Trade center had many people from around the world with different religious backgrounds including muslims.

And by the way this has nothing to do with the Palestinian, unfortunatedly some of them due to their lack of education and mis-undestanding were celebrating, but this doesn't mean that we are...

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