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Worlds fastest computer- maybe fast enough to run vista?

By melton.tony ·
Just saw an article on cnn's Tech page about the world's fastest computer. They did not say whether it might be able to run vista without bogging down...

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all vista hate aside

by jck In reply to Worlds fastest computer- ...

anything with a GUI that has to be rendered will slow any machine down...even super computers lol

"That's not a bug, sir. That's an undocumented feature." :)

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Faster with XP

by mjd420nova In reply to Worlds fastest computer- ...

With all the features aside, the total lack of proper drivers and support from from MS, I still choose Xp PRO. I bult a quad core with an FSB of 1333 MHZ, two 500GB SATA300 drives, The Nvidia 9800GTX and it only takes XPPRO 15 seconds to load. To me, that's fast. When retreiving a 50MB JPEG photo, it takes less than a second and when doing photoshop work, the fast results make it worth the expense. The video work is a breeze and the only slowdown is in the burning of the DVD, but 16X is the fastest media I've seen, even with a 24X drive it takes a few minutes, usually around eight minutes for a two hour video. I've tried that with VISTA on a system that had a dozen patches to get the stuff to work and it was a mind numbing 30 minutes to burn the same content.

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10^15 operations per second!

by nepenthe0 In reply to Worlds fastest computer- ...

That's 1000 teraflops. The little baby is called Roadrunner, and is installed at Los Alamos to simulate the aging of nuclear weapons and thus determine their reliability without actual weapons testing.

This the culmination of six years' DOE collaboration with IBM. Doubtless Vista would slow it down...

Rick/Portland, OR

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It runs Unix!

by nepenthe0 In reply to Worlds fastest computer- ...

The processor is an 8-core chip with a clock speed of 4GHz.

Rick/Portland, OR

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