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    by lusitche ·


    i have been working on a pc that was infected by a virus name:worm/vb.zz.

    Apparently,the worm adds an extension-*.scr to all word documents.

    i have tried to clean it with AVG Anti virus 7.5,but the healing process deletes all the infected there another way or anti virus that can clean without deleting the documents?

    It is running on winXP with SP2.

    Anybody with an idea?

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      by lusitche ·

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      Doc 2 scr?

      by ainasihery ·

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      you can’t heal your file right now!
      I advise you to save as *.rtf all your *.scr file (*.doc infected). You must use a PC without AVG. Then Install AVG and you can heal (delete) all.
      Be carefull, you must re-install windows after the process finished because your svchost.exe will be deleted.
      NB: virus present in Windows me but you don’t need to re-install windows
      virus no-effect in windows 98

      Hey!! I need help, I don’t want to reinstall windows, is there a way to repair it only by command line using the windows XP CD?

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        recovering after AVG deletes the .doc

        by waach ·

        In reply to Doc 2 scr?

        Well i just had the same problem and after cleaning AVG moved my files to the virus vault and i couldnt see them in the original location.

        however after alot of hassle…i discovered avg doesnt delete these files. however to see them what u need to do is go to tools…folder options …view …and uncheck the option that says hide operating system files.

        u will see the files as faded the way windows lists system files but at least u will be able to open them.


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        How to avoid the dreaded reinstall

        by mugz ·

        In reply to Doc 2 scr?

        What I did: I followed the instructions, then instead of performing a full reinstall, I told it to repair.

        Immediately after the ‘F8 to agree to licence’ bit, it scans for previous windows installations. R=Repair, ESC=don’t repair.

        You NEED an XP Home CD to repair an XP Home installation, or a PRO CD on a PRO installation.

        I do suggest a full reformat though.

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      worm/vb.zz removal

      by jtarus ·

      In reply to Worm/vb.zz

      Perhaps, its time you migrate to Linux and forget the hassle of Windows viruses. Most distributions of Linux are currently user friendly like windows.
      John K. Tarus – Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya

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        Thanks for your help.

        by mugz ·

        In reply to worm/vb.zz removal

        Dear Rabid Linux Partisan

        Your reply was unhelpful, childish and completely unprofessional.

        While it may be true that Linux is a far superior product to Windows in every way, your arrogance in your reply is pathetic and a poor advertisement for Linux. Also, posting a reply like that under a discussion that does NOT explicitly include a WindowsVSLinuxVSMac debate is nothing more than an abject waste of time. Especially since, in the context of this discussion, your post is irrelevant, and serves no purpose except to frustrate those who HAVE the problem and are looking for a solution.


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      found solution yet?

      by paulenmuego ·

      In reply to Worm/vb.zz


      I have also encountered the same problem. I have been doing some research into how to restore the deleted files but to no avail. I’m using Norton.

      Have you found a way to restore the word documents already?

      Thanks in advance for any good news!

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      Any solution to restoring the .doc files?

      by fransbolton ·

      In reply to Worm/vb.zz

      Hi there, it seems that this virus is making its rounds. I was working on a PC that was infected with the VB.ZZ virus. I have backed up the My docs folder onto a seperate drive and checked/cleaned it on my PC with AVG. What I have discovered is that the virus seems to hide the original word doc as a hidden system file and replaces it with a .scr file with the same title as the original file. AVG “heals”/deletes this .scr file. the original file stays in the folder. When you check the properties of the hidden file it indicates that it is hidden, but the check box is dimmed out and you cannot uncheck it. I would like to know if there is a way that these .doc files can be restored to its normal unhidden state.

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