worried about potential malicious user accessing my laptop

By bionic.primate ·
Tags: Security, Mac, Malware
Hi everybody, I would really appreciate some help on this, since I'm not a security expert.
Several months ago, a coworker accessed my macbook to help me install some software. I did not understand much of the procedure (hence the reason to ask for help in the first place), but I remember I had to type my administrator password in a terminal more than once.
It turned out that the coworker in question was a bit of a psychopath, and acted maliciously to hinder other people's work.
Even though several months have passed, and nothing bad ever happened on my laptop, I'm still kinda worried he might have installed malware on my laptop in that occasion.
Is this preoccupation worth considering? What kind of malware could have he installed before my (inexperienced) eyes? What steps could I take now to achieve peace of mind?
A clean reinstall of the OS would be a huge pain in the neck, and I'd like to avoid it if possible. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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