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Worst-case Scenario

By santeewelding ·
Is that my door is blown and breached. Agents with MP5s take me one way, and the computer another -- both to secrete and violate with intrusive inspection.

My anti-malware is not up to this.

What is?

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Not me!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Worst-case Scenario

That's fer sure.

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Physical security is beyond the

by Ocie3 In reply to Worst-case Scenario

capabilities of what any anti-malware can do, of course.

So, in that worst case scenario, you need about two well-armed and highly-trained commandos on guard outside the premises and two more inside.

You probably want them to be unobtrusive, perhaps in "plain clothes" instead of a uniform, although uniformed personnel have a deterrent effect. So would a stronger door, but it shouldn't be stronger than the walls and the shutters that quite rapidly move into place to cover the windows when an approaching threat is detected.

Assuming that each 4-man team works an 8-hour shift, there are three shifts per day, and each team has two consecutive days off-duty per week, then you would need at least twenty bodyguards with perhaps one or two more available as "backup" if someone is unavailable for duty.

Of course, the defenses depend upon just how many enemies you have and what resources that they could feasibly have available to them. I would not expect nuclear warheads, but remember 9/11.

There are also worse threats, perhaps, than enemy agents that kidnap you while others steal your computer -- nerve gas, for example. Or an earthquake, a firestorm or global warming and climate change. :-(

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I was leaning

by santeewelding In reply to Physical security is beyo ...

More to Lao-Tzu, in, "doing not doing".

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Lao-Tzu knew The Way

by Ocie3 In reply to I was leaning

but I don't know whether he knew the way it is when you are lost. ....

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A really big wall

by .Martin. In reply to Worst-case Scenario

5 meters high, 2 meters thick, with a moat.

anti-aircraft weaponry as well.

that will stop 'em.

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Thought about that

by santeewelding In reply to A really big wall

If I had enough money, which I don't.

In these matters one must avoid fingering the beads of security.

Pay attention to the gaps between.

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in which case

by .Martin. In reply to Thought about that

just get a couple of rottweiler, and teach them to hate humans...

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An abandoned missile silo.

by Ron K. In reply to Worst-case Scenario

But, if 'they' want you they're going to root you out of there or just **** the whole thing in on top of you and sift through the rubble for your corpse and your dead pc. <br>
I recommend compliance with the law. It's too tough to remove bloodstains. <br>
Wear clean underwear.

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by santeewelding In reply to An abandoned missile silo ...

As you imply, all the helpful tactics can be defeated.

Clean underwear, though -- now, that would be a shift to strategy, wouldn't it?

Strategy is what I was driving at.

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Compliance with the law is strategical.

by Ron K. In reply to Underwear

Nothing to hide? Nothing to worry about. <br>

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