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Worst cases of troubleshooting

By spidershrek ·
Yesterday while perfoming a check up on a printer, I dicovered a "scrunchie" inside the toner of a laserjet printer. What is the worst thing that has happenned to you?

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Computer would occasionally reboot

by Mickster269 In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

The customer called, saying that randomly his computer would re-boot. No rhyme or reason, and no logical or predictable path could be discovered over the phone.

Went out on site to physically check out the computer. Opened it up, and after causal inspection, found a Winchester .357 magnum casing wedged between the motherboard and the case.

There was an uncovered slot in the back of the case- my only guess as to how it might have gotten in there. The client had no reason (that he would tell me) as to what might have cased the casing to be inserted into his computer. I really didn't want to persue it - this was an Auto Dealership in Eastern Kentucky - so I removed the casing, and closed the computer box.

Never did have the problem with random rebooting after that.

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White on white

by DMambo In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

I had a guy complain that his keyboard didn't work after he changed the text color in Word to white.

Well, he didn't do it, it just happened. :)

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Bad floppy drive.

by Sardukkan In reply to White on white

<A time long ago when computers were still young> Company get a new computer, the user calls a says the floppy drive is no good. Work with her over the phone, able to format write and read. Next day, still has problems getting info from disk. Hmmm. Go to site, ask for Demo. User turns chair towards the file cabinet. Pulls a 5 1/4 disk <in a sleve> from under a magnet stuck to the side of the cabinet and says "See!!!!!"

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In the day

by TonytheTiger In reply to Bad floppy drive.

when CD-roms were out, but we didn't have any yet, one user said the computer ate his CD. I told him he didn't have a CD-rom on his computer and he said "Yes I do, come and see". So I went over and sure enough, he had put a CD into the 5-1/4" floppy drive, pulled down the lever and "crunch!"

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XT 286

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Bad floppy drive.

Used to have to din sockets at the back, one for a an IBM Tape drive which we didn't have, one for the keyboard. Same plug completely different wiring. Finance guy moved desks , did his pc himself, plugged keyboard into tape socket, fired twelve volts through the mother board which it was most definitely not expecting.

Plugs are complicated things, though another fellow helpfully relocated his printer during an office move. Asked me to come and fix it and mentioned he'd had difficulty getting the plug in the socket. 25 pin D plug, he'd jammed it in upside down.

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Bad CD-Rom drive

by tayar77 In reply to Bad floppy drive.

Sorry for my poor English. But here a nice story
On day I received a call from one of our editors. He was complaining about his CD-Rom drive. He said "I have an important CD and it is not working, I need it very argent because it contains critical information? Hmmm. Go to site, see what is wrong. I opened the CD-Rom drive and both of us feel surprised!!!! I asked him where is the CD?!!!! Imagine where he put that CD?!!! In the gap between the CD-Rom Drive and the plastic cover of the extra CD-Rom drive.

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Same thing

by TonytheTiger In reply to White on white

Except the user claimed "All of my documents are empty"

"Give 'em a book, send 'em to school and what happens? They eat the book!"

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Need a new computer

by jdmercha In reply to Worst cases of troublesho ...

I had one customer call me and said she needed a new computer, hers was not working.

Upon entering her office I noticed stacks and stacks of papers and magazines all around her office. One particular stack of papers, next to the keyboard, had fallen over and was depressing the esc key.

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Can't log on

by jdmercha In reply to Need a new computer

User caled to say she could not log on to the network. Checking out her account, everything looked fine. I stopped by her computer and log her in with her account.

It turns out that she couldn't remember her password, which was her last name.

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Blank pages at the end of a document

by jdmercha In reply to Need a new computer

This happend for the third time in the past month, with the same user. She created a Word document, using columns to track meeting minutes and action items. She would get a couple of blank pages at the end of the document. So I tell her to select everything from the last character down and hit delete. The pages are still there. I tell her to go to the end of the document and hit backspace. But the pages still won;t go away. I go up to her desk and see the document with the extra blank pages. I go to the end of the documnet and hit backspace. By some miracle the blank pages disappear.

I still have no idea what she was doing.

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