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Worst messenger ever

By samgord ·
Tags: Piracy
Facebook messenger is truly awful.
It doesn't provide any security since your private messages sent through Facebook are property of Facebook.
The next annoying thing is that messages often get stuck in the "other" inbox.
It also doesn't have a feature to delete already sent message as other messengers have.
So please tell me why you still use it?
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by Smanahk In reply to Worst messenger ever

I don't use it. he is terrible. I deleted it on the news of the leakage of personal data.

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by samgord In reply to No

Oh, really?
This is terrible.
Did you use it linked to your Fb profile, right?

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by Smanahk In reply to fb

Of course. I had to do it. My life was in full view. Do you know any secure mail? I don't trust my own.

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by samgord In reply to Security

Which one you use currently?
I would recommend you to try protonmail.

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by Smanahk In reply to mail

I recently started using messenger Dust. It happened recently. I have no problem with it.

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by samgord In reply to Dust

I will try to use it as well.
Hope it's really what I was looking for.

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Thanks God!

by Flawey In reply to Worst messenger ever

The hugest thank you, man! I'm so happy that someone understands that!
I have no idea why do so many people still use it for communication.. There are much better messengers that don't ask you for a personal information, don't watch every your step and don't ask for a photo to prove it's you.
Facebook now only collects money and don't even think about the users!

What messenger do you use?

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by samgord In reply to Thanks God!

I really happy you agree with me.
What messengers you prefer?

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by Flawey In reply to messenger

Now I use
It's based on blockchain and uses end-to-end encryption. So it seems very reliable. Moreover I like how it looks, it's very user-friendly. It has lots of additional functions which may be interesting to people.
I think it's the future and Facebook has to be replaced by something else already.

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by Smanahk In reply to e-Chat

Is there a way to transfer files and data?

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