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Would 3D Bioprinters Cause Future-Financial-Internet-Virus Contagion

By Tuc1 ·
3D Bio-printer’s Future Financial- Internet-Virus Contagion

This article is written as a wake-up call to scientists, intelligentsia, politicians, media practitioners, financial gurus and the general public on the impending impact of 3D bioprinting technology on the socio-economic outlook of human civilisation in the coming decades.
The art of 3D printing refers to any of the various processes that are used to make three-dimensional objects with plastics, polymers, alloys, mixtures of chemical substances and cells. This industrial robot is capable of generating objects of almost any shape or geometry by following instructions and commands from electronic data sourced from a tablet, android or computer.
3D bioprinting is the process of generating spatially-controlled cell patterns using state-of-the-art technologies, wherein cells within the printed structure are still viable and well preserved. The first patent related to this technology was patented in the United States in 2006.
The manufacturing process follows a sequential deposit of material in a spatial manner through nozzles of inkjet printer heads.
Organovo, a San Diego-based firm in the USA was the first company to commercialize 3D bioprinting technology as the 3D bioprinter was optimized to be able to print skin tissue, heart tissue, and blood vessels among other basic tissues that could be suitable for surgical therapy and transplantation. Efforts have also been made by scientists to adapt bioprinting technology to produce soft tissues and artificial bones for use in reconstructive surgery.
To say that the 3D bio-printer would be ubiquitous internet linked equipment is an understatement because of its versatile potential application in all fields of human endeavour.
Within the next decade, scientists would be looking at the possibility of re-inventing, incorporating or adapting the famous Miller-Urey experiment into 3D bioprinters to enable the machines synthesize or cross-link substances such as sugars and amino acids with the capability of making, peptides, proteins, lipids, genes, telomeres, prions and invariably, living organisms!
As the 3D bioprinter evolves into the realm of science fiction, its impact on human civilisation becomes unfathomable.
Would its usage be well regulated by the governments of the day? A 2015 science fiction novel titled The Ultimate Contagion (Viral Conundrum) provides a possible scenario.**263

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