would like to try linux

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started using pc in my 60s .not up with all the question is am running xp pro on desktop pc.can linux be loaded on with it? and how to load it .or would it be better to fit another hdd to load it on to as still learning .and want to learn more and try new things but dont want to kill the pc in the have learnt a lot from using your site and will continue to do so.cograts.on being one of the better sites to use .regards roy

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First lesson

by santeewelding In reply to would like to try linux

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Lesson Two

by seanferd In reply to would like to try linux

If you want to try Linux distributions out, there is a better way than having to install it right away. Live CDs. Or Live USB flash drive, if you prefer. You can run Linux from the CD, and when you find one that feels right, you can install it from the same media.

You can install Linux on the same hard drive as XP, assuming there is enough space for everything. You just set it up to use a portion of the existing empty disk space during installation. If you plan on fitting another drive to your system anyway, you can install to the new drive.

The linux operating systems are made with a lot of interchangeable parts, so if, for example, you find a distribution which works really well on your system, but you don't like the graphical interface, you can change or entirely replace the desktop environment with something you like better. (Or try a different Live CD of the same distro with a different desktop pre-installed.)

Here are some examples of distros which are fairly popular and seem to be easier on new users.

For more info regarding Live USB flash drive creation , for example,

Some distros offer <i>torrent</i> downloads, which you might avoid for now if you don't use any type of bit torrent peer-to-peer file sharing application. Someone can cover that if you are interested.

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