Would love to have a mentor!!!

By Truenthusiast ·
My name is Michael Wilson, 34 years of age and current enrolled at kaplan University pursuing a Bachelors in Infirmation Technology withg an emphasis in Database Administration. I am also interested in mastering Java and gaining a truely solid understanding of security implementation techniques. I would love to meet someone who is extremely proficient in the areas mentioned and would be willing to answer a lot of questions. I am keenly aware how busy life can be, but if there is a patient, geek for technology out there who wouldn't mind taking an eager tech enthusiast under thier wing then I would love to meet you!

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The technology you study

by santeewelding In reply to Would love to have a ment ...

Is infirm?

With a university minor in exuberance (!!!)?

You are certain, are you not, that you are 34?

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by Truenthusiast In reply to The technology you study

jeez, easy.

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Be easy

by santeewelding In reply to reply

Yeah. I kinda know yours is a reply without being told so.

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You are going to be damned lucky

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Would love to have a ment ...

to find one mentor who's extremely proficient in those three areas.

Most DBAs can't prgram for sh!t, and most programmers and DBAs knowledge of security is at best related to the areas they operate in.

DBA also tends to be vendor specific in terms of an appreciation of proficiency. So pick a product or two.

In short you are asking for a lot.

The basics of mentoring are not tech related anyway, more to do with attitude.

For instance a good mentor would point you in the direction of learning how to find out what you want/need to know instead of just treating them as deluxe reference book....

That said if you wasnt ask or discuss tech, you've come to a decent place.

Even the less proficient types myself can offer value on specific quaestions and approaches.

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too much

by Truenthusiast In reply to You are going to be damne ...

Wow...I didn't realize that I was asking a lot. I guess that I want to be strong in those areas so that I can be making contributions to multiple facets in the IT feild.

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All depends on what you mean by extremely proficient

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to too much

I would only describe myself as competent as a DBA and then on SQL Server and MySQL, and a bit out of date as well...

Possibly a bit better on the coding front, though not Java.

Security, I know bits and pieces of good practice.

Making a contribution is much more about finding suitable opportunities to point your enthusiasm at.

IT is a continual catch up majoring in one area, many, kiss goodbye to your life outside of sitting in front of a screen, or maybe a book.

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Really, TR is one big 'Virtual Mentor'

by robo_dev In reply to You are going to be damne ...

or Dementor, if you're into the whole Harry Potter thing.

I would recommend, over time, thinking up very specific questions you have and posting them here. While some of us can be a little bit snarky, for the most part we don't bite, much.

Personally, I have lots of security expertise, lots of database experience, and enough programming skills to be dangerous (but not enough to be useful).

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I've certainly learnt a fair bit

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Really, TR is one big 'Vi ...

fair bit here.


Google is our friend...

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Message has been deleted.

by aoomall In reply to Would love to have a ment ...
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by Truenthusiast In reply to Message has been deleted.

here is a question. If one is going to have a web site, then it is mandatory for that site to have a server; correct? I mean, can servers be simply viewed as places where databases are held? I know its more to it than that, but is that the basic idea?

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