Would the interference from an old video monitor stop a PC from booting?

By robo_dev ·
I have a rack-mount PC which has a Seagate 160GB SATA drive in the unit. This PC has a very sturdy case and the rack is grounded.

I placed a very old Panasonic 9" black and white security monitor on top of the PC. (basically an old TV) weighs about five pounds or so.

With the monitor on there, powered up, the PC would not boot. I moved the monitor and PC booted right up.


Wrong alignment of moon and stars?

Time to buy a spare HDD for that PC?

Don't put old video monitors on PCs???

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I think the last one robo

by CG IT In reply to Would the interference fr ...

Don't put old video monitors on PCs.

Though ya know way back in the 286 days, the monitor was always on top of the desktop case.

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Warped cases

by mjd420nova In reply to Would the interference fr ...

I have seen this happen where the extra weight caused the MOBO to shift slightly on its mounts and shorted the P/S. Unless it is a very sturdy case, monitors shouldn't be placed in the case. I've seen a user who put his printer on top of the monitor. After smoking the monitor and warping the printers plastic, both had to be replaced.

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Gotta go with the others

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Would the interference fr ...

I don't think it's anything electronic as much as physical. The weight of the monitor is shorting out something internally. I know people used to put heavier monitors than a 9" unit on top of systems, but those were desktops and designed for it. Rackmount cases aren't intended to support any weight.

For grins and giggles you could put a 5 pound sack of flour up there and see what it does. I'm betting it won't start.

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Grounding Issue

by TheChas In reply to Would the interference fr ...

While the physical weight is a distinct possibility, you might have a poor grounding issue with the security monitor.

As you stated it is a security monitor, I presume it is in a metal case. If there is a grounding problem and the case gets even just a few volts DC potential on it, that could cause a PC power supply to not start.

Use a DMM and measure both the AC and DC voltage difference between the 2 cases. If there is more than just a few milli-volts of potential between the cases, I would have the grounding of the monitor checked.


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I had not thought of the possibility of a ground loop or stray current.

by robo_dev In reply to Grounding Issue

But also the possibility of warpage due to weight could be an issue.

As a test I'll put a twelve-pack of beer on the PC, see if it boots, drink one, repeat.....

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