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Would you accept an IT job as "Jack Of All trades" or run from it?

By Why Me Worry?? ·
I seem to see a very disturbing trend among many of the positions being posted on job search engines as well as those being emailed to me by recruiters. Companies want a network admin, a DBA, a developer, a Cisco engineer, and a security specialist all combined in one. Yes, there may be folks out there that possess all of these skills, but for the salary being offered for this position, the naive hiring manager of the company will be searching for quite a long time to fill the position. What happened to the good old days where developers were developers, DBAs' were DBAs', and server engineers were server engineers? If the company needs all these skills, then perhaps they should create multiple positions to fill these roles instead of trying to squeeze every imaginable technology into one role and expect to find a candidate that matches the descrition or will work themselves to death for such a small salary. Do corporations and their idiots in HR need a refresher course in the differences among various fields of IT? I think so.

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one mans peanuts are another mans cashews...

by c4mpbell In reply to Would you accept an IT jo ...

can you quantify "small salary" ?

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In a market like that of NYC, $75K a year for this madness

by Why Me Worry?? In reply to one mans peanuts are anot ...

Offering $75K for this position is robbery if you ask me. Too many responsibilities for too little money. This position should pay at least $140K a year if not more.

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What's it worth?

by michael.l.noe In reply to In a market like that of ...

What would a position like this be worth in a small company in central Minnesota? Any ideas?

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Jack of all trades in MN

by dele1jim In reply to What's it worth?

I live in central MN and wear many hats in my office; PC support, Network admin, Security, and I make around $60K

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jacks and hats

by ITforTheMasses In reply to Jack of all trades in MN

i work in that capacity in nyc along with others that do the same and i make about 120K, 6 years into the business. i also manage a small staff, too.

not sure if it's a good thing to be a jack of all trades in this business, though. working for a larger company, you certainly need to specialize.

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Jack in Rural Colorado

by d50041 In reply to jacks and hats

I grew up in NYC and have lived in semi-rural Colorado, west slope, for 30 years. I make 48,000 yearly, have excellent bennies and flex-time. I would NEVER trade my job for the same in any city for 140,000 yearly. On the other hand, I do laugh at the job descriptions I see that expect on to be an expert in all the skills, kinda like needing an enginner and advertising for mechanical, electrical, structural, mining, all in the same boat. And recent ads for help desk and IT support here only ask for high school ed but networking, apps, programing and web design for $10 an hour !!

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They hiring?

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Jack in Rural Colorado
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I know a few folks who would take the job for $10/hr

by Why Me Worry?? In reply to Jack in Rural Colorado


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That was a little racy....

by hyposave In reply to Jack in Rural Colorado

Why Me Worry,
Your comment there was a bit racist. These people are VERY hard workers and they have great IT skills. Who cares what they eat!

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jack of all trades

by Hurell.Lyons In reply to Jack of all trades in MN

Based in Atlanta and I'm learning as I go. i have ecellent knowledge of workstations, Imetermediate knowledge of servers, novice knowledge of networking (Cisco, routing etc) and no knowledge of VoIP in a corporate environment. Once I get up to speed I'll be the manager and my Pay may go up another 5k. I thought a job like this should pay close to 6 figures,,,,if not with this company another one.

Apparently I was mistaken...I don't mind the low pay for now since I am still learning but i would expect with some experience, certifications and the title of IT manager i should be able to get closer to 6 figures in 2-4 years from now?

Wishful thinking?

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