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Would you buy a supercomputer OS from Microsoft?

By RexWorld ·
Microsoft has hired away the chief scientist at Cray Supercomputer:

it's all part of their initiative to create a version of Windows for supercomputer clusters:

Programming Windows is complicated enough, is the world really ready for a clustered supercomputer version of Windows? I wonder what that blue screen is gonna be like, when thousands of processors crash simultaneously :-)

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is there much point to this thread ?

by motleykrue In reply to Would you buy a supercomp ...

Is there much point to this thread? We all know by now what Microsoft is like, more hype than quality and is this attempt by microsoft to be taken as a serious player in the high end computing field worth the time taken to read let alone the time wasted discussing this pap ?? Get serious !!

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Super computer experts demand reliability

by f-626541 In reply to Would you buy a supercomp ...

Where I work, I have about 2396 computers that I am responsible for. At least, last week, I was responsible for 2396 computers when last I counted them. The mean time between boots, a key measure of system reliability, is 170 days. A significant number of machines have been up continuously for over a year. Some have been up for over 450 days. These machines all run Linux, an OS created by rank amatures. It will take Microsoft over three years to reach that level of reliability, assuming that it is, in fact, that reliable, which I doubt.

Another thing: I said "about". I don't need to worry about some jack booted thugs from the SBA or the RIAA or the MPAA or the DMCA or any other government organization coming in and demanding to see the licenses for my software. I don't have any because all I run is GPL'd code. If I had to manage those licenses, I'd have to hire somebody full time just to deal with the paperwork and conduct audits.

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