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Would you hire this person?

By AYoshi ·
Positives: A decade of experience at all levels of IT, including helpdesk support, pc support, systems administration, network administration & monitoring, app development (programming & management), project management, team-building, team-leading,systems integration, can-do attitude, hands-on expertise, works very well with peers, very ethical, does whatever it takes to get the job done. Also considered an excellent teacher/mentor.

Negatives: Often bumps heads with others (Unintentionally, though I do try to avoid conflicts), comes up with totally out-of-the-box solutions that no one understands, TOO proactive, wants to implement long-term strategies today. Not a "politically" savant person (i.e. I call it as I see it, even if it DOES mean a conflict)

Would you hire this a person like this? If so, why? If not, why not? Is it better to have a person who gets things done the right way (almost) all the time, but who usually steps on toes doing it? or is it more important to have someone who doesn't step on toes, but who is not as savvy regarding possibilities and long-term solutions?

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Not sure..

by syadm In reply to Would you hire this perso ...

The most desired qualities with an applicant nowadays is social competence.
The applicant may well know everything about the job but if he/she cannot function socially within the group the the skills and experiences cannot be communicated and has no value to the group.
Communication is everything.
My current employer hired me not for what i knew but for my social skills and for that i have proved that i can learn new stuff.
Regards. // Tom

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by radiic In reply to Would you hire this perso ...

First off: I hope that your not listing your negatives on your resume. (im sure your not )

Second: You might want to learn how to play nice with others in the sandbox = You said often bumps heads with others. Hopefully not your peers in the IT department. And bumping heads and making enemies outside the department will get you a reputation after awhile. I know its hard to be nice to users when they ask or do something that we think is stupid, but we are a customer service part of the org.chart.
and its up to us to keep our cool and make sure that the user doesnt feel like an
(ID 10 T) thats idiot.

Most employers ask you what are your weaknesses: I hope that you dont list all 3 of those. Just say 1 and that you are workingon improving your skills at handling that problem.

Good Luck

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TOO honest...

by Murfster In reply to Would you hire this perso ...

Among the worst things I have done to myself include being totally honest (in an interview) about my ability to get things done. Yup, I'm proactive, occasionally aggressive, but always play well with others in my sandbox.

Turn your negatives intopositives in the interview. One of your strengths is that you think outside of the box, but maybe a weakness is your over-enthusiasm in getting an idea implemented.

Then you need to re-read your own 1st posting in this thread and ask yourself would YOU hire you.

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Working with Others

by AYoshi In reply to Would you hire this perso ...

Overall, of the ~60 people that I work with, there are only two that I don't work well with.

I'm in Apps Dev here, and these two are in our operations department.

I work well with my boss, my app dev peers, and three out of the four operationspeers. The other person in Ops that I don't get along well with is two levels up for the "peers" group.

As I stated, I much prefer to live with no conflicts. However, if a conflict comes my way, I stand up for what is right. One big strength that I have, is that if I am wrong, I accept that I'm wrong and it does not offend me if someone else points it out to me.

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You might learn to ....

by scott In reply to Working with Others

... stand up for yourslef without rolling over people. When people are over enthusiastic about standing up for what THEY believe is right they can look like asses to others because it makes them look insecure or just foolish. There are many ways to do anything in my experience. Maybe you need to work on your self expression, and realize that most of the time people think THEY are right also. Good luck and happy new year.

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Right? Wrong?

by eBob In reply to You might learn to ....

Maybe it's just me (strike that - it definitely is just me), but what's all this "right/wrong" stuff?

We're just talking IT here, people.

There's not likely a "right" or "wrong" way of doing this or that. There's just "the way we do things here", and "other ways".

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I would, I know.

by rschroots In reply to You might learn to ....

I happen to sit just a few cubicles from AYoshi, so I have more to go on, than what he writes.
This shows that you cannot hire from a resum?, e-mail, or cover letter alone: you have to experience the person. Also, self descriptions can be dangerous. I personally don't get to work with him, but I experience him as being gentler, and quieter than he thinks.
It's not how you are, but how others think you are. Now we might get into politics, but that's a whole other discussion (also on TechRepublic).

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by j-jireh In reply to Would you hire this perso ...

I have passed over people exactly like this, simply because it's easier to teach tech skills to a "people" person than it is to teach people skills to a "tech" person.

Few people like those who alienate others, even if they fix problems and plan for the future. People problems are always harder to fix than technical problems.

When's the last time you considered leaving a job because a computer was mean to you?

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Toe Steppers are "people" persons too

by justemazing In reply to NO HIRE

methinks you need to take another look at the original post. This person is considered a good teacher/mentor, is a team-leader, etc. A person cannot be good at these things by alienating everybody.

This person is a HIRE! This is an IT person you'll love...and love to hate. Sounds to me like the toe-stepping and edge-pushing will happen when necessary. When the rest of the world is scared of falling off the edge of the earth, this person can be a savior.

The difference between this person and the one you would NOT want to hire is team-orientation and ethics.


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toe steppers are not people persons

by maxwell edison In reply to Toe Steppers are "people" ...

The contradictions posted on this thread are amazing.

Liars are not honest people.

Thieves are not trustworthy people.

Bullies are not nice people.

No, I'm not suggesting anyone is any of those things, but...

..."toe steppers" are not "people persons".


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