Would you recommend a Netgear router over Linksys for small business?

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I'm starting to feel this way and today I had a consultant tell me that he's now making the same recommendation. I'm interested to see what TechRepublic members have to say about this.

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From my prospective Jason

by OH Smeg In reply to Would you recommend a Net ...

They are about the same. Here I would say it Depends on the Customer what I recommend.


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depends what model? and what does the customer need?

by CG IT In reply to Would you recommend a Net ...

Most of the SMB consultants I know over the last 5 years have pushed SonicWall's TZ model.

But it really all depends on the customer and what they require. Some SMBs have a block of public addresses they use so can Netgear [or for that matter Cisco/Linksys] handle multiple public addressing on a single WAN link as the perimeter firwall or is there a "modem configured as a bridge"?

That leads to multiple perimeter routers/firewalls [which can be a headache].

Can they support X # of inbound VPN connections? This can be a biggie where some SMB routers only support 5 simultaneous VPN connections...then there's VPN passthrough ...some SMB routers choke when there are a number of remote users using VPN passthrough to an Authentication Server, while there are X # of users on the lan using the internet.

Do they support Vlans? Do they support multiple subnets? Do they support subnets other than Class C? While supporting Class B subnets seems like a nitpick, being limited to Class C seems like just taking a consumer level router, throw in some bells and whistles, change the package and say it's an SMB router, which it isn't.

How about handling a T1 connection rather than a simple DSL connection?

Then there's filtering. Can they filter packets without costly add ons? and last but not least, throughput... some of the SMB routers don't have enough throughput for X # of users....

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