Would you trust Riseup VPN?

By Yani77311 ·
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Dear Linux users,

Would you trust Riseup VPN...

Or would you opt for popular / reputable ones ( known to Windows users ) such as

ExpressVPN / Mulvad ?

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I trust Dew VPN

by george carmen In reply to Would you trust Riseup VP ...

I am a Linux user as well and you may check out Dew VPN. I have been using this ever since and it's really great! Experience, quality and customer support. (link removed by moderator)

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Would you trust Riseup VPN??

I have a device in my local network that only allows connections from within that network. I want to access it over the internet, so I set up a VPN server on my router (openvpn)

I can indeed see the device and even access the service, but when trying to authenticate I get an error stating that I’m not on the local network and thus get limited features only.

I assume that is because my IP when connected via vpn is not belonging to the same subnet (192.168.x.y compared to 10.0.x.y).

What are my options if I want to fake being physically in the LAN ?

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