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Would you upgrade to XP

By rbentz ·
I work in a company with over 600 computers, a mixture of Windows and MAC. Two years ago we made a hugh investment in time and money and migrated most users to Windows 2000. Those with Macintosh we upgraded to latest OS. Now there is a push from several users to migrate everyone to XP, both Office Suite and OS. Some have even convinced the CEO this is the way to go. I'm having trouble convincing him otherwise. Everything I've seen about XP doesn't convince me it's better or even much of an improvement over 2000. I've been using it on my laptop and it works but it does take some time to figure out where everything is. Training will also be an area I'll be responsible for.
I would be thankful for any feedback regarding this potential train wreck.

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Chasing technology is expensive!

by 630111 In reply to Would you upgrade to XP

Windows2000 is a decent (and stable) operating system on both the server and workstation sides. I've been running XP for several months on a notebook and while I kinda like it, I would have a hard time justifying to a CEO/CFO why it would be necessary to deploy office-wide. Ask your users what XP does that 2000 can't do. In your situation, if the upgrade cost and effort are worth it, maybe you should consider. I'm thinking in this tight economy this is one that can wait.

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Even without tight economy

by James R Linn In reply to Chasing technology is exp ...

We've adopted a skip every second version approach. When 2000 came out, we made plans for upgrading the servers, because we saw the benefit. We decided to wait for XP(except for specific instances) for the desktop. With office suites we went from Office 95 to Office 2000, and have no immediate plans to go to Office XP.

What this gives you is breathing room - you can plan your upgrades better and maintain stability longer.

For all projects like this, you need to do a cost benefit analysis - is the cost of doing the upgrade justified by the benefit you will get from it - I think in this case the answer is no. If my company was currently on 2000 on the desktop, I don't think we'd be in a hurry to switch to XP.


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