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Wow, do I miss FireFox

By jdclyde ·
Here I sit in a training room waiting for class to start, and the only browser is IE.

So I figured while I have about five minutes, "hey, I got time for a quick TR fix!"

LORD do I miss not being able to push in on the scroll button on my mouse to launch a new tab! Once you get used to a few of the features, it makes it hard to go back to IE.

Anyone else ever feel the same way? No? Sad for you!

GAAAAA! And the scroll button isn't even working on this system to scroll down the pages! This is barbaric!

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Poor JD

by Tig2 In reply to Wow, do I miss FireFox

Now that I have Firefoxed, I will not go back. Thanks to Vanessa, I don't have to.

You're right- the feature set that Firefox provides makes IE look pretty sad. The theory is that the next gen IE is much better but I don't know that it can surpass FF for ease of use.

I will be thinking of you and hoping that you get out of your class soon- and get back to a REAL environment!

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by puritian In reply to Poor JD

get netscape 8.0

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by Jaqui In reply to Wow, do I miss FireFox

use a real browser, SEAMONKEY!!
get rid of firefox as the bastardized ie/mozzila offspring it is.

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by jamesgrimes In reply to bahh!!

Seamonkey? How can anything be better than Firefox?

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by Jaqui In reply to What?

Seamonkey isn't designed to look and feel like internet explorer.

Seamonkey, the full suite Mozilla browser, is a smaller application on the hard drive than firefox.
yet is 100 times more capable.

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Joyuths Noneuthes Browserus Experiente

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Wow, do I miss FireFox

As it is put in Latin I think! :-)

Can you not get USB keyring (runnable) Firefox yet. Sure that iomega were looking in to this kind of thing.

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Here is the link to portable Firefox

by faradhi In reply to Joyuths Noneuthes Browser ...
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Nice One

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Here is the link to porta ...

Will be trying it real soon.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Here is the link to porta ...

I just got it and sent the link to others,

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thank you, thank you, and did I say thank you?

by DanLM In reply to Here is the link to porta ...

I didn't know there was a portable firefox. My work place only has ie, and I've just delt with it. Chit mon, no more ie even on the go. Got to love it.
First I got turned on to 'EditPad' which can be made portable. Now I have a decent editor at work, and now I'll have a decent browser. All thanks to TechRepublic.
Does it get any better then this?
Wait, yes. I could be sitting at home watching that James Bond movie I just bought while still earning the same income.
Hmmm, oh well. For lifes little treats(portable browsers and editors) I give thee thanks.


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