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Wow! how to make a guy feel good!

By Oz_Media ·
Okay, it's not going to be dirty, sorry ladies how could I ever tell you how to make a guy feel good?

We have discussed the follow up call, we have discussed sending Thank You cards to employers (cringe) etc. but how about day to day life at home and at work?

Someone I do some website work for asked me for a favour a few days ago; it was a simple action of uploading an existing site to another domain server for greater exposure, that is to be followed by a website update (new property added, one to be removed) and setting it up for proper web positioning.

No problemo, that's what I do...well, something else I do anyway. Plus the guy lets me use his Whistler condo for my efforts! True luxury and the price is perfect!

Anyhow, I uploaded some older pages originally designed by another company, I just never bothered to rebrand it with my own info when I redid it, which I guess I'll have to do one day. I notified him that the first step was done and did a couple of other LITTLE things for him.

Today I get an email saying "(My name) you are amazing! Thank you so much for being fast and helping me this way, I certainly don't know how I made do without you in the past; I hope you know how much this means to me!"

Okay so he gets some work done for barter, obviously that must be nice, but the simple fact that he sent me such a nice email absolutely made my day. I just realized I've been in a great mood, have been laughing with a guy in the office where we usually exchange a grunt in the morning and then ignore each other all day. Neither of us dislikes the other, we are just different people.

I have just been in a good mood and it all began when I came in and read 'thanks' and was told I was awesome.

So, now the reason for my post.

How many times do we really thank each other through the day?
I don't mean 'Thanks' as in being passed your order in a fast food restuarant. I don't mean 'thanks' as in "can you pass me that pen?, thanks".

I mean a really genuine "THANK YOU , I really needed your help and I am very happy with what you have done for me."

Having been in and out of sales of all types and tickets most of my working life, gotta pay for trade school somehow, I offer thanks all day. But it is what I do, it is part of my job, it's what helps me succeed. But you forget how it effects others, when you get or give a genuine 'THANKS' and really mean it?

Do you make sure you emphasize thank you's? Or do you find that it becomes a coined reply?

Do you GET genuine thank you's beyond the polite ones?

How does it make you feel? Do you find that you get better response form others when you do? I usually do myself, I find I can really work well with peopl eand earn their respect by being genuine and thankful to them.

However I am in a line of work where I hear it, but it is usually canned by someone being polite. "Alright then, thanks for stopping by, talk to you soon."

But it usually isn't someone telling me, "I really appreciate your help!"

I did get someone saying that over the phone a while back, as I always go the extra mile for people, but I explained that it was my job to make sure his needs were addressed and I was more than happy to.
I really am, again though, it is my job and he was used to others he's dealt with that treated him like crap I suppose. He still made me feel great though, esepcially as I don't expect thanks for merely being myself doing my job.

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I get these often

by The Scummy One In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

along with ones sent to my manager.

When reviews come along, I need to supply 5 names for my manager to contact that will write a review. I open my contact list and say -- pick 'em.

over the last 5 years, I dont think any of the same people have been asked, and I have not received a bad review yet.

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My response annoys people

by Maevinn In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

I get profuse thanks, and I end up feeling like they're being faked. I have a hard time accepting compliments because people who offer them are usually the least technically literate, so their gushing is not as meaningful as from someone who actually understands the level of effort involved.

On the flip side, I do try to let someone know when I really appreciate their above and beyond efforts on my behalf. I've sent notes, flowers, and home-made cookies as signs of my appreciation. Sending cookies usually results in the recipient asking why I'm in IT and not a bakery.

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I've been allowed to help some really nice people

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

I always get the usual thanks from my clients, but the ones who are truly grateful are the people from my church who get free support.

"In every thing give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Ah man..i thought it was gonna be dirty!

by Shellbot In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

Nice to get a genuine thank you !!

I get the standard thanks a lot, but as you say, its not the same.
Only a couple times have I ever really gotten a heartfelt thank you, and funny enough, it was from people who had the simplest jobs for me to do.
I thought one guy last year was going to cry on the phone!! They had been using some sort of templates from a Paradox database that were wrong for a couple years and they asked if i knew anything about it, i said i'd take a look..figured it out in a couple of hours or so and I though the guy was going to offer up his firstborn!

Was great, compared to a few months back..spent weeks cleaning up data for our intranet, redesigned some of the pages, added a new page yada yada.. and email went out to the entire place saying "thanks to HR for all thier hard work on updating the intranet"

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Thank You... What's that?

by GSG In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

"Do you GET genuine thank you's beyond the polite ones?"

I will get a thank you from someone that I work closely with. This is always another IT person.

However, there are times when someone needs something or are otherwise in a bind, and the person who takes care of that system/task is gone, or otherwise not available. I'll spend hours on something that I'm not familiar with or that I don't have much knowledge of, just to get that person up and running.

On 3 occasions in the past few months I've done this, and the person has sent a wonderful letter to administration to be put in the Human Resources record thanking the person that wasn't even here, and never once mentioning my name. The best was the one where the person was on sick leave for 2 months and he got a thank you for all the work "he" did while he was on the operating table under anesthesia.

Come on people! I've traded 20 emails on this, multiple phone calls and several face to face meetings. Plus, I'm a girl, so it's hard to mistake me for a guy. A thank you like that is more insulting than anything.

In cases like that, I'd rather that the thank you never even be offered.

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Its a kick in the pants

by Oz_Media In reply to Thank You... What's that?

It seems that people just go through the motions most of the time, I can't say I'm not guilty of it too. I try to be more sincere, my job requires a lot of genuine sincerity as I also have to have my guard up and doubt whatever BS people feed me all day. In B2B fields, people always try to BS thier way into getting what they want, you have to be sharp and question everything someone says, but still offer a gennuine level of sincerity. It's hard and I do just skim over the niceties sometimes, however I notice others doing it more often as it is not a concious part of their role.

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Heartfelt thanks

by KSoniat In reply to Wow! how to make a guy fe ...

At the company where I worked previously one person in sales thought I walked on water. She would spend the entire day Monday creating this monster report. They would refer to it all week, but by mid-week it was not that useful anymore.

I asked where she got her data (various places on the computer) and what she was doing with it and created an up-to-the-minute report she could request at any time.

It saved sales one day per week and earned me the eternal gratitude of this person and her boss.

For my part I go out of my way to recognize service people for service beyond the norm. I usually ask if they have a manager around and they get this "deer in the headlight" look. When I explain it is to compliment how well they resolved my situation they are quite relieved and very willing to go get the manager. They usually never get compiments because they'll tell me no one has ever asked to speak to a manager for good reasons.

We had an amazing young lady at our local Verizon store who was able to save my sons Philmont pictures from his phone (once in a lifetime event and others had given up). When I spoke to her manager they directed me to the website as they have a formal recognition system. I got on-line at home and she later received an award from the company. Made us both feel good. :)

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by Oz_Media In reply to Heartfelt thanks

I love it when they give you a way to reward people for oustanding work. I know what yuo mean about teh manager comments too, I've done that and the girl looked thoroughly PO'd that I'd ask for her manager after she went above and beyond to help me, of course she was still extremely polite and helpful but was probably wondering WTH she had done wrong.

I actually remember a time when such service was teh norm, it stood out when you got poor quality service. Today it seems the other way around, good service really stands out amongst the rest, unfortunately. I think it has a lot to do with teh business model change in teh 90's where service went bye by eand volume took over. Thanks to all the big box outlets, we owe it all to you!
We may get crappy service from knuckle draggeing teenager with no idea what they are selling, but hey, what does that matter when I save $1.50?

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