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    Wow, I can’t believe this pace died


    by locrian_lyric ·

    I go all the way back to the days of “tech points”, but was gone for a few years due to an illness.

    I feel like I’ve come home and the whole neighborhood has become a ghost town.

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      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to Wow, I can’t believe this pace died

      It’s not what it used to be. Things are hard to find, and discussions are hard to follow. I notice there’s now a character size limit (assumed because of the counter). The new format has been real hard on this place. Real hard.

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        The creation of the “water cooler” setion didn’t help

        by locrian_lyric ·

        In reply to Yeh.

        We are chaotic creatures. Some of the best inspirations I got was from some of the arguments in here. Now that we are all “civilized”, the creative spark is gone along with it.

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          “civilized” ??? :-)

          by chironk ·

          In reply to The creation of the “water cooler” setion didn’t help

          C’mon Locrian, don’t be such a pessimist!
          Sadly I must concur that the form may affect even severely the contents of a forum and discourage its patrons, but as the newbie I’m here I can tell you I’ve run into plenty of much worse places where expressing one’s points of view looked just like a laborious waste of time. Here it doesn’t.

          And don’t call me “civilized”! (remember “A fish called Wanda”? 😀 )

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      Just came back after a long time away as well

      by virgo 15 ·

      In reply to Wow, I can’t believe this pace died

      I don’t think I’ve ever posted.. I always used to do searches and usually find my answers through someone else with the same problem. But ya, I noticed how it got really quiet. I have a few issues going on here. 1) I’ve been trying to add a printer that had already been hooked up wirelessly and one day, poof! It was gone, from my device panel. I uninstalled it went to hook it up again, nope! Access denied! I’ve been going nuts for the past 3 months. 2) I accidentally did something where now I have a million files on my laptop! I need to clean it up safely somehow. Anyway, good to see there are still a few around… maybe your post will make others post as well 😉

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        Back in the day….

        by locrian_lyric ·

        In reply to Just came back after a long time away as well

        This place used to get hundreds of posts per hour, lots of interaction.
        It was a bit of a hacker’s hangout, then they changed the format and POed darn near everyone. Maybe I can draw a few back here.

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        Try this…

        by chironk ·

        In reply to Just came back after a long time away as well

        Hi Virgo,
        I don’t know enough about wirelessly connected printers but have plenty of unpleasant experience with computers cluttered with tons of garbage of unknown origin. Whenever it happens I save all the files I want to keep on an external USB drive (carefully omitting system and standard non-portable software), make a backup of drivers not easily found on the internet (try Driver Magician), shave the HD to nil with ActiveDataStudio and then patiently re-install everything.
        As a second step I make *at once* a full backup of the freshly re-installed system in order to save me so much time and swearing the next time it happens.
        As a third step I restore all personal files I saved on the external drive.

        It’s a drastic solution, I understand, but funny files popping out of nowhere suggest that something highly unwelcome has sneaked into your laptop and is using it for its gloomy purposes, thus even if you manage to get rid of all the alien files you’ll hardly be sure that you got rid of the intruder itself – unless you have a really powerful and 100% reliable malware scanner, of course, but as far as I know you’d be the first lucky one in the world 😉

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