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Wow. Just wow.

By boxfiddler Moderator ·

Unless I'm grossly mistaken, a lot of ash in the air can also affect lungs.

Shutting down European airspace for days has got to be an economic mess. Don't you think?

Hope my friends across the pond fare well through the mess...

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by Shellbot In reply to Wow. Just wow.

So glad I not travelling this weekend :)

So far the ash isn't coming down low enough, (well here anyways) its way up, where the planes are..
If it rains (hmm..being Ireland ...whats the chance eh..) hmmm ..best bring the laundry in :)

I think dublin airport is closed till 8 pm, I guess all depends on which way the wind is going and where the cloud ends up.

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by GSG In reply to Wow. Just wow.

In a lot of volcanos, the ash is full of silica. When that gets into the lungs, it can cause the same problems as asbestos. Just breathing in the fine particulates can clog your lungs.

If I lived anywhere that was getting the ash, I'd stay inside, and run air filters at full blast. If I had to go outside, I'd wear a mask.

Edited to add: In the US, we have air quality warnings. Do they have a similar system in Europe?

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by Shellbot In reply to silica

its not coming down..its up in the atmosphere..

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Just keep an eye on the cars that have been parked

by prpetty In reply to nah

for a while. Run your finger across the hood of one, you might be supprised at how much of that ash is falling.

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Beats an engine flame-out.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Wow. Just wow.

No fun trying a dive to restart in a 747.

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Would suck

by .Martin. In reply to Wow. Just wow.

to be traveling this weekend...

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Ma nature wins again - the propr jobs still work - but they don't

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Wow. Just wow.

have any prop jobs on the major routes.

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This is good news for the people worried about global warming

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Wow. Just wow.

as the last time this happened, a few hundred years back, it lowered the average world temp a few degrees centigrade.

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I don't think this one's big enough. - Edited

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This is good news for the ...

Krakatoa it ain't. That doesn't mean it couldn't become one...

Edited: motivated little sucker, ain't it?

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it's not the explosion size that's important, but the ash density

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I don't think this one's ...

and how long it hangs about up there - the last one stole the European summer and caused wide spread famine.

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