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Locked still happens years later...

By jck ·
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Posted has disappeared

Site...lost all it's discussions for minutes

Site was telling me I hadn't confirmed my email...I did that years ago.

*sigh* Things never change...

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It goes down every day at around 9:00 AM gmt-6

by Slayer_ In reply to still happens ye ...

And then again sometime at night.

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it's a real pain in the butt

by PurpleSkys In reply to still happens ye ...

when you're in the middle of trashing a spammer on a rampage ...grrrr...

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Some help

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to still happens ye ...

Hi jck, welcome to TR. If you need navigational help, you can use the FAQ's to get some info as to what to post where. TR works just fine, always has, if you are having issues, try clearing your browser cache, delete cookies and change browsers. Try FF first, then Chrome, then the most reliable of all...Internet Explorer.

If that all fails, reboot into safe mode and choose a recovery date in 2011 or earlier. If you STILL can't post properly on TR, simply reformat your HD and reinstall Windows. From there you can try using someone else's PC, if there are troubles with that one too, it also needs a reformat, your friend will enjoy the new speed of not having his/her files and photos filling up the HD too!

Again, welcome to TR, enjoy the Water Cooler for the off topic discussions and don't forget to help out when possible through the Q&A forum.

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by Shellbot In reply to Some help

Been a member for years Oz :)

"your friend will enjoy the new speed of not having his/her files and photos filling up the HD too"
Fabulous!!! LOL

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to JCK

Don't you mean Zo?

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Oh btw Zo

by jck In reply to Um

Are u in the Pacific NW? Just wondering. There's a chance I will be rolling out to Seattle to see my friend who works for T-Mobile and his family within the next year.

BTW...if we get together, it's your responsibility to warn the local authorities that we will be combining forces in their area.

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Sure, sort of

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Oh btw Zo

Vancouver is about 2hrs north of Seattle. I hang out right at 0 avenue quite a bit, friends there, which is obviously right at the border, also White Rock/Surrey border, about 20 mins from Vancouver.

If by any chance you do end up visiting the great white North, give me a heads up, I'll make some snow and try to find someone who knows how to build an igloo. If you are not expecting snow, but want a nicer day than you get in Seattle, I am ALWAYS up to meet you, on my side of the line anyway. I don't do the USA anymore, no need to. Prices are about the same now, money is about the same now (except we have new bills with clear plastic windows on them, seriously, the bills are made out of polymer, NOT kidding!) Some say the new bills are purposely scented to smell like Maple Syrup. how Canadian, but it is denied of course. Anyhow, Maple money or not, I don't US anymore, not even for paid gigs, just completely off the map for me, the globe has a big void between the islands of Canada and Mexico.

But if you sail up here from Mexico, I'd buy at least a half dozen rounds, and a few single malts as you wish.

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by jck In reply to Sure, sort of

I don't know that I'll ever go to Mexico via the border crossing. That is pretty much overrun with human trafficking and drugs. Once you go down far into the country, you find cities that are pretty free from crime...well, except Mexico City. So, airlines are my only option to visit that country.

I have to re-submit my passport for renewal...if I can find it. Otherwise, I have to re-apply for a new one. But, I won't make it up there until at least 2014...and most likely 2015.

As for the USA...for me, it's now just a place to make money and save money and build up a huge retirement I can retire early and not worry about an SSA check. My plans are, short of getting married sometime and a wife changing my plans, to retire to Ireland, get dual citizenship, and visit the USA only often enough to keep my citizenship status and SSA checks rolling in...and keep relatives and friends from pestering me.

When I make it up, a few beers will be good...I've hit cruising speed in life now...just out for a relaxing life and to enjoy things around me.

But now, I have to go finish a custom Crystal report. Then, I have to work on another programming project.

Catch you later :)

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That is pretty much overrun with human trafficking and drugs.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Well...

Which is why I take the crossing. Maybe I'll find a human trafficking drugs or perhaps a human on drugs in traffic, either way the end result is entertaining. Last time I was in Tijuana, I spent most of the time bent over double, not from bad food but from laughing at people.

"just out for a relaxing life and to enjoy things around me"

I hit that benchmark when I was 20 and woke from a coma, well it was a few more weeks before I realised I was awake but still.....

Ever since, no matter how hard the bumps, I manage to walk it off and keep smiling, after bitching at a few people to make myself feel superior.

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by Shellbot In reply to Um

Yup, I mean Zo. :)

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