WPA Encryption & Windows Vista?

By cannm ·
I have a notebook with Vista, and because I thought WPA encryption was better for protecting your router, I set it up that way. Initially my computer connected to the network with the pass key, but once it was taken off the network would not reconnect.
My husband attends a local university, and their network encryption is WPA as well...the tech guy at the school connected he closed his computer and went up stairs to study...once he opened the wasn't connected anymore and the same as mine..WOULD NOT RECONNECT!! He has Vistas as well... Can anyone tell me why, and can it be overcame?

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Has each laptop been on Standby / Hibernation ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to WPA Encryption & Windows ...

If so, that is why they are no longer connected.

You'll need to fully Shutdown & Power-Down, then do a fresh boot. The anomalies of losing wireless connection after coming out of Standby or Hibernation are still the subject of much discussion.

The simplest solution is to not standby or hibernate.

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WPA Encryption & Vista

by cannm In reply to Has each laptop been on S ...

Hi,Thanks for answering...Even with a shut down it does the same....My husbands computer is a Sony Vaio, and mine is a HP Pavilion....I have my linksys encrypted now with the WEP,which is what I have used with every other notebook in the past...but never once had an issue with its connection...but the day I tried the WPA... as I said it connects initially and then when you shut down or disconnects and wont reconnect even after a fresh reboot..
I have tried the WPA again a couple more times just to make sure it was just a fluke..and it does the same thing every time...I'm at a loss..

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