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By dominiclct ·
I'm a new user for wireless network.
I want to know if I set security for my office, which one is more powerful, is WPA or WEP.
What's the differrent between this two security?

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by icealex In reply to WPA & WEP

A WAP is a wired access point, which is the ?wireless hub? like device that enables 802.11 a/b/g wireless devices to connect to the organization?s wired network and has nothing to do with security.

To protect an 802.11b network from unauthorized, use and ?snooping?, you can enable packet encryption via WEP. Different cards have different levels of support for WEP. WEP works by using a RC4 encryption scheme, (Refer to encryption for details on RC4) with a key that can be 40, 64 or 128 bits in length. (New models released in the 2nd half of 2002 now offer 256-bit encryption.) The design in 802.11 for RC4 uses a shared key. The access point sends a random number at the registration request. The receiving node assigns the key with a secret key that was pre-shared. The access point checks the results and allows the node to sign on. Data between the devices is encrypted by one of the values listed.

But keep in mind. WLAN is never secure:



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by jmgarvin In reply to WPA & WEP

WPA is generally thought of as more secure. However, neither is the best solution. While TKIP builds on WEP and the TSC helps to stop replay attacks, there are still issues with how everything is done. If you HAD to choose one, I'd go with WPA*.

*You really won't see a "strong" WPA until 802.11i products hit the market. IMHO the WPA available now is basically a kludge to "fix" some of the problems with WEP.

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by Kryptos In reply to WPA & WEP

WPA is better option than WEP.

WEP is encryption mechanism to encrypt traffic between client and AP. But WEP security is weak and has lot of practical implementation issues.

WPA is architecture to provide wireless better security.

While wireless security is yet to mature. Look at total secure wireless infrastructure than looking at individual products. With 802.1x auth server you could build a secure wireless infrastructure.

Cisco has good solution check Cisco web site for design guide.


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