WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

By Timeslip ·
Does anyone know how to enable WPA2-PSK under XP SP3?. I've banged my head against a wall with this; the option doesn't appear under my settings, and the MS patch was for SP2.

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WPA_PSK isn't the problem

by Timeslip In reply to WPA-PSK: Step-by-Step

Thanks for the link, but my problem is the total lack of WPA2-PSK in my encryption options. I don't want to change all my other stations back to WPA-PSK.

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WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

by Mehul Bhai In reply to WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

Have u tried installing this update? Try applying this patch and may be it will get installed. And then Windows may auotmatically update any further patches, if any.
Let us know the status.

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WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

by SJackson85 In reply to WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

Well, what I have come to notice with all of this, is that SP3 doesn't come with an update to WPA2-SPK. Trying to enable it through your preferred networks doesn't seem to work either. I'm just going to roll-back to SP2, install the WPA2-SPK update, and then update to SP3 again. A lot of work for us, for something that could have taken the lazy #$%#$%$^ at microsoft a few minutes to do.

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WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

by radley kanda In reply to WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

Actually, the easy way is to <a href="">download the latest 2200BG driver from Intel</a>. If you already have SP3 installed, WPA2 & WPA2-PSK will show in the Network Authentication dropdown after the update.

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How to get WPA2 to Work on XP SP3

by ericore In reply to WPA2-PSK with XP SP3

Requires SP3.

1. Ensure you have the latest driver for your wireless adapter, and check that it supports WPA2 (preferred networks, select one, properties, authenticate)

2. XP's wireless lan manager is garbage; use the one that comes with the software. When you install your drivers opt to install with software (use their lan manager, not XP's)

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