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By matt ·
I have several old .wps files that I need to convert to word 2k3. I don't have access to MS Works. How can I open the files. It shouldn't be this hard... Thanks

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It's easy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to .wps to .doc

When you open Word chose open Document and under the file name is a box with the file types that you can read.

Click on the drop down arrow and scroll down to the Works 2000. *.wps *.wpt or the Works for Windows 4.0 .wps and then select the file that you want to open. When you save it remember to save it as a DOC format file by using the Save As option and changing the .wps to .doc that should enable you to import all your files and maintain most of the formatting that was used on them.


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by matt In reply to It's easy

yep, but it tells me that the file appears to be corrupt...

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This is from MS

by zlitocook In reply to .wps to .doc

The Works 6.0 Converter allows you to convert word processor documents created in Microsoft Works 6.0 to Microsoft Word and other Works programs. Specifically, this converter works with Works 2000, 4.5, and 4.x, and Word 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97.

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by matt In reply to This is from MS

thanks. I tried that one. I think that the files were created with an earlier version of works. Perhaps 4.0.

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If you can lay your hands on the Office Install CD's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to nope

There are a swag of converters listed on them that you can chose to install to convert from the older Works to the 2003 Office Formats.

I've just had a look on a 2003 Office Pro Install CD and they are there as optional installs that you have to manually install.

But if you have the option of the Works 4 and are being told that the file is corrupt it's possible that it is or more likely that the Converter can not convert to the latter Office Formats. This is something that I haven't personally tried to do with any MS product as I find them not overly good at performing the conversion without loosing the formatting.

You may need to take it in steps from a lower version of Office and convert to a Word Doc in that and then do it again in the newer version.

However if you are sure that the Files are not corrupt the fastest way is to grab a Trial Copy of Word Perfect X3 and use that to convert from the Works Format to the Word Format it works much better than the MS programs and provided that you can do it all in a 30 day period it's free. The trial download is available here

Just scroll down to the Corel Word Perfect Office X3 and click on Try. You may have to provide a e-mail address but you can get a 30 day trial version from here and do it without a problem.


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