wrieless modem gets destoryed evry now and then....

By rane_swapnil53 ·
I'm working in a mining company as network administrator and I have done my BE (comp), I'm just a fresher passed out this year. Now I'm in a remote area were mining is at its boom barbil (India). From our HO Goa to here the distance is over 2000km, there we have bsnl lease line connecting them. Then our barbil HO and there are plants and weigh bridges around each at distance of 4-5km aerial distance.
There are wireless modems of RADWIN connecting this sites through towers of about 100mts hight(Point to point).

The main problem is that modem at our barbil HO is getting some problems (burnt or destroyed or malfunction) evry 15 days or so. We need to contact the service provider and get it replaced but then buy the time it gets replaced there is no connectivity for more then week and then since evry thing is computerized company has to face heavy loss or lots of workload stay pending.

There is strict warning for me to sort out the problem and find out wats the cause of modem destruction. I need help to start my work there is no current problem which i found out. Please suggest me some ways....

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Dirty power feed?

by Jacky Howe In reply to wrieless modem gets desto ...

You didn't exactly say what was wrong with the modem. Is it not powering on? Is it loosing the connection? You may need a UPS to filter the electricity supply.

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Without more information about what is actually going wrong here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wrieless modem gets desto ...

I would also opt for Dirty Mains Power and suggest a Filtered UPS.

Only other thing that is a quick fix is if the Modem is in a hot area it may need to be moved to an area with better cooling to prevent it burning out.


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