Write protected external notebook hard drive.

By ssaulino ·
I was using an 120 gb hard drive from an older windows machine as a external hard drive on my windows 7 machine. At first I had know problems writing and moving data back and fourth. Then one day I plugged it in and win 7 said I could not write to the disk because it is write protected. So I plugged it in to another machine and it was fine again no write protection and on other machines as well it is fine, just on my windows 7 machine is it saying the disk is write protected.

can anyone help?
Thank you in advance

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Which version of Windows 7 are you using here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Write protected external ...

If it's Ultimate it may be a Bitlocker issue.


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Win 7 version

by ssaulino In reply to Which version of Windows ...

My version is premium 32 bit

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This should work for you :)

by pcs365_1 In reply to Write protected external ...

Hi ssaulino,

From your posting, I understand that you are having trouble with the error 'This drive is write protected, Remove write protection or try another device'. Below are the steps to fix it for Windows 7 platform.

1) Go to Start > and Type "cmd" (without quotes) in the run box at the bottom

2) When the Prompt Comes up type "diskpart"

This will open a new command window after a few seconds with the Diskpart program running.

4) From there you need to find out which drive volume your write protected drive is. Type "list volume" // you may need to use "list disk" if problem still persists

This will list all the drives on your computer and give them all volume numbers.

5) Next you want diskpart to set focus on the write protected drive (For Eg: If volume 5, then you have to type in "select volume 5"

6) Now diskpart is focused on the volume/disk you can check the attributes no by typing "attributes disk" and "attributes volume"

Disk is for the actual physical disk volume would be for partitions. The setting for Each can be different BE SURE TO CHECK BOTH

My particular situation was the actual DISK was Write protected so look at both Volume and Disk attributes to find out where your write protection is set. By looking at the "Read-only" setting.

Sometimes the displayed setting may be incorrect due to Caching of the attribute, so do the below on both disk and volume anyways

To remove the write-protection you then type in "attributes disk clear readonly" or if it is the volume that the attribute is set on then you can type "attributes volume clear readonly"


Start > Run "cmd"
type< diskpart
type< list volume (type< list disk )
type< select volume # (type< select disk #)
type< attributes volume clear readonly (type< attributes disk clear readonly)

Do post the results (if working or not)


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Thank You Very Much It Worked

by ssaulino In reply to This should work for you ...

Your help was right on the money, and I appreciate all your help.

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Might be an idea them to make that answer as Helpful then EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank You Very Much It Wo ...

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